FESTIVAL REVIEW: Bloodstock Open Air 2021 Part 1

We’re back!

Sure, we might be having to follow a series of new Coronavirus safety protocols which may or not become a regular thing for live shows, but we’re back. And judging by the size of the opening day crowds spilling out from the main entrance, car parks and campsites, not a moment too soon. Since its inception Bloodstock Open Air has always attracted early birds who like nothing more than to arrive long before the gates even open, but this time feels different. Everyone seems to be here early. Coiled springs desperate for release. The festival’s twentieth anniversary isn’t just a celebration of metal this year, it’s a genuine escape.

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Urne – The Mountain of Gold

I met Joe Nally around seven years ago on the biggest UK Metal tour there had been for an age. He was the frontman for Chapters, a progressive metal outfit that is still, to this day, the best opening act I’ve ever seen on a tour headlined by Sylosis but showcasing everything that was great about fiery yet accessible UK metal.Continue reading