Ne Obliviscaris, Scattered Due to COVID-19, Unsure When They Will Complete Next Album

Multi-national extreme progressive metal band Ne Obliviscaris has informed fans of the uncertain status of completing their next album due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Tentatively due later this year or early in 2021, the band was underway recording the follow-up to the globally acclaimed album Urn (Season of Mist) in 2017. The band which has members spanning the world has already cut their drum tracks for the new album but nothing else. Apparently, until they can reconvene in person, little to no further progress will be made. We’ll keep tracking this story as we get more information. Continue reading

Benji Baret From Ne Obliviscaris Talks Urn, Progressive Metal And More

Without a doubt, one of the best albums of 2017 was Urn by Ne Obliviscaris. The band has changed the game of what can be considered extreme, melodic and progressive metal all at once. They have created a musical world where all the elements can co-exist equally, without sacrificing one for the other. On their recent tour of the USA, Ghost Cult’s Keefy caught up with shredder Benji Baret in New York City at Le Poisson Rouge. The two discussed the success of Urn, the bands’ process of making and producing the record, what progressive metal means in this day and age, and a lot more. Videography and photography by Omar Cordy/ OJC Photography, assisted by Heather Wilkinson. Continue reading

Ne Obliviscaris – Urn

Since their full-length début back in 2012. Australian prog metallers Ne Obliviscaris have shown a tremendous boldness of vision but yet have not quite managed to get it to gel to perfection. Their amalgamation of extreme metal, complex tech-metal, progressive rock’s wide arrangements and added orchestral elements have proven equally impressive and daunting, and despite some moments of brilliance, they haven’t quite backed their talent up with a landmark release. That is until now, with third album Urn (Season of Mist) being an unprecedented step forward.Continue reading

Ne Obliviscaris Release Two New Songs From “Urn”

Australian progressive metal visionaries Ne Obliviscaris will be unleashing their highly anticipated new album, Urn, on October 27th via Season Of Mist. What can we expect? Vocalist Tim Charles states: “After almost three years of honing our craft in every way that we possibly could, we finally present to you the first track from an album of which we could not be more proud of. Urn feels like the culmination of all our years of hard work – the delivery of everything that we have wanted to create. Music and art as our imaginations see it fit to be.

Are you ready to hear some new material?Continue reading

Emperor Booked To Headline Netherlands Deathfest 2018

Continuing a string of headline appearances at European metal festivals, Emperor will headline Netherlands Deathfest 2018. Nine other bands have also been added with more bands and details to follow.Continue reading

Ne Oblivscaris Prepares New Album Due In October

Avant-garde extreme metallers Ne Oblivscaris are releasing their highly anticipated new album Urn on October 27th, via Season of Mist. Check out their new track ‘Intra Venus’ below.Continue reading

Carcass, Angel Witch, 1349, Skinless And More To Play Netherlands Deathfest 2018


Carcass, by Meg Loyal Photography

Having just completed its latest edition three weeks ago, Netherlands Deathfest 2018 has announced its first wave of bands! Carcass is the first named headliner along with Angel Witch, 1349, Sadistic Intent, Skinless, Broken Hope, Devourment, Rotten Sound and more! Details below: Continue reading