EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Undead Prophecies – “Suffocated Vanity”

Death Metal kvlt band Undead Prophecies release their new album, Sempiternal Void, tomorrow 22nd of March 2019 via Listenable Records. Their identities shrouded in mystery, little is know about the band save for their faith and reverence for classic old-school brutal music. Ghost Cult brings you this exclusive stream of the track ‘Suffocated Vanity’ right now! Continue reading

Undead Prophecies – Sempiternal Void

I’m beginning to notice a bit of a trend amongst modern Death Metal bands, and by beginning to notice I mean this has probably been happening for a while now. Loads of newer acts like Horrendous and Gruesome are quite eager to strap on the Nike high tops, leather jackets and reminisce about the good old days when guys like Chuck Schuldiner and his outfit Death were blowing the Thrash dudes out of the water with albums like Scream Bloody Gore or Spiritual Healing. Undead PropheciesSempiternal Void (Listenable Records) sure as shit sounds like they’ve been inhaling the ash of whatever’s left of Morrisound Recordings.Continue reading