Six Feet Under Shares New Song And Video, Surprise Release New Album

Veteran death metallers Six Feet Under have shared a lyric video for their newly released song ‘Gore Hungry Maniac’. The track is from a brand new digital-only collection of previously unreleased 6FU songs, Unburied, surprise released today by Metal Blade Records. The tracks are all leftovers from recent albums by the band such as 2012’s Undead, 2013’s Unborn, and 2017’s Torment.Continue reading

Caricature Drops Music Video – Man Of Science, Unborn EP Out Now


Progressive Metallers Carciature have released the first music video from their brand new EP Unborn, released on December 9th. You can watch the video for ‘Man Of Science’ below: Continue reading

Caricature – Unborn


Progressive metal band Caricature are back with yet another release, this time the surprising Unborn EP. It’s tough to qualify anything surprising from this outfit and its leader Joseph Spiller, since their last release Stampede was a one track EP that was a 27 minute long song about Spiller’s cat, Parmesan. That track is epic in length and also musically, and so it begs the question: where do you go from there? Well obviously if you are Caricature you go right back to work write some of the best songs in your career.Continue reading