Waldgeflüster – Mondscheinsonaten

Black Metal has always showed both a fascination and an intrinsic link with forest and woodland scenery, perhaps more so than the alternate subject matters it is often notable for. From band shots set amongst wooded areas in frigid winter to a deeper core love, worship or interest in such that manifests in the music itself; as seen with plentiful European acts and with American counterparts such as Panopticon and Twilight Fauna.Continue reading

Twilight Fauna – Fire of the Spirit

Twilight Fauna – Fire of the Spirit album cover ghostcultmag

I’m currently in my third listen of Twilight Fauna’s Fire of the Spirit (Ravenwood Recordings/Fragile Branch Recordings) but I can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t quite clicking. Maybe it’s the case of a fascinating concept just slightly exceeding its execution. Sole player/creator Paul Ravenwood extracts as much as he can from his guitar work and very sparse rhythms. Continue reading

Jennifer Christensen/Twilight Fauna – Split


Sometimes music is for dancing to, for laughing to and for loving to. And sometimes music is an art form, a means to expressing something subconscious, so deep down, and utterly fundamental to the human soul that expressing them with mere words only serves to highlight the inadequacy of language over art. Such is the case with the Jennifer Christensen and Twilight Fauna’s two track split on Red River Family. The two tracks are joined together neither by style nor genre, but as a means express the inexpressible, to express the inevitable, when dancing, laughter and love ultimately fail us all.Continue reading