Void Ritual – Heretical Wisdom

There isn’t much in terms of smoke and mirrors when it comes to Void Ritual’s debut LP, Heretical Wisdom (Tridroid Records). It’s a straightforward black metal album through and through. And that’s a great thing. In a subgenre where it’s far too easy to coast on cliché and spectacle, a little earnest effort goes a long fucking way.Continue reading

Obscene Entity – Lamentia


By this point, it shouldn’t surprise too many people to hear that Death Metal is stronger right now than it’s been since the 90’s. The renaissance – for want of a better word – has been going on for years now, and the renewed quality and focus has spread to most pre-existing subgenres as well as made some new ones. Among the slew of Old School-, Post-, Blackened-, Progressive- and Abstract Art Tentacles-Death Metal, however, the 90’s American style of DM characterised by bands like CannibalCorpse has been largely absent.

On their debut Lamentia (Tridroid), Obscene Entity combine this currently underrepresented style with a touch of Ulcerate’s atmospheric, ambient approach. The combination of crushing, rhythmic Death Metal with more progressive passages is reminiscent of fellow Brits Ageless Oblivion, but much tighter and more focussed. Unlike some of their peers, OE understand that a short and concise album is often preferable to a longer one, and Lamentia makes it points quickly and effectively. Some thought has also gone into the structure, with an instrumental separating the more progressive tracks at the end from the more straightforwardly brutal first half.

Lamentia may not offer anything particularly original in terms of its musical elements, but they’ve been combined effectively to make an album with both instant catchiness and lasting depth. Another example that the current health of Death Metal is not entirely linked to the success of a couple of “big name” bands, and another name to add to the list of bands to watch out for.





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Voivod release ‘Target Earth’ on Cassette


Canadian cult experimental thrash kings Voivod will re-release 2013’s critically acclaimed Target Earth on cassette via Tridroid Records.

The album, which was the first Voivod release since Denis D’Amour passed away and the first to feature Daniel Mongrain on guitar,featured in Ghost Cult Magazine’s Albums of The Year for 2013. It was initially released nearly 2 years ago in January 2013 will be available on cassette for the first time.

To order your copy on tape, you’ll need to visit the Tridroid Bandcamp page here



Target Earth

Kluskap O’Kom

Empathy For The Enemy

Mechanical Mind




Corps Etranger





Steve Tovey