ALBUM REVIEW: Churchburn – Genocidal Rite

When it comes to tortured, pained vocals, few do it quite like Dave Suzuki. The Churchburn front man led a cacophony of grimy, cavernous chaos on Genocidal Rite (Translation Loss) , a Death-Doom doozy from the Rhode Island-based foursome. With live musical performances on their minds (and who could blame them?), the group opens with ‘Toll Of Annihilation,’ a staticky and distorted affair that builds up before coming down via creepy bells sounding.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Many Blessings – Emanation Body

Ethan McCarthy‘s myriad recordings under his classification of ‘Noise’ are what many of us might name Harsh Ambient or Ambient Drone. Dystopian, disturbian, yet with elements of clarity that break through the crushing sound (and occasional soundbites of sex), many fans will have encountered these often challenging passages through his work with Primitive Man and here with his solo project Many Blessings. Sophomore album Emanation Body (Translation Loss Records) embraces more atmospheric airs whilst retaining much of that visceral anger.Continue reading

Un / Coltsblood – Un / Coltsblood

When I heard about this particular collaboration, I swear a little bit of wee came out. Seattle’s Un is still reveling in the success of last year’s coruscating, moving Sentiment (Translation Loss Records), while Scouse / Scottish hybrid Coltsblood have laid waste to the UK Underground for the last five years. This split, therefore, promises to be a leveller on both sides of the Atlantic.Continue reading

Jarboe – Cut Of The Warrior

Jarboe, or Jarboe La Salle Devereaux as she is known to her accountant, is also the other founding member of the legendary Swans. So, no pressure there, then. She’s also shockingly busy, with a looooong discography, and a new ambient/experimental rock album, Cut Of The Warrior (Translation Loss Records) out this month. But is it her swan song, or will it break this reviewer’s arm?Continue reading

Primitive Man Stream New Song – “Oily Tears”

Denver-based sludge/doom band Primitive Man has shared a new song, ‘Oily Tears’. The track is from the blistering new split lp featuring brand new music with and Hell. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the release (both original vinyl variants sold out in under 5 hours), Translation Loss Records have unveiled a third limited edition variant. The new variant is limited to 300 copies and is available for pre-order now at the link below. The EP releases on February 22nd, 2019. Album artwork by Primitive Man’s Ethan McCarthy.Continue reading

Amarok – Devoured

It’s taken eight years for US tortured Doom activists Amarok to create an album but, finally, here it is. With four tracks clocking in at almost 70 minutes you know that Devoured (Translation Loss) is going to be a long ride, but the news here is that it’s an emotionally draining one also.Continue reading

Lesbian – Hallucinogenesis


 Lesbian – Hallucinogenesis ghostcultmag

Doom metal continues to evolve and impress me even though it has been around just as long if not longer than any other subgenre of heavy metal. One such fantastic example of this is the latest release from progressive doom group, Lesbian. Hallucinogenesis (Translation Loss) is a forty-six minute trip through endless riffs and psychedelia. The album is a perfect length for what Lesbian was looking to do here as it does not seem to drag on, nor did I feel shorted once the last track ended.

The first track, ‘Pyramidal Existinctualism’, starts off the album with a bang. The guitar riffs are frantic and right in the front of the mix, giving off a feeling like your hallucinogenic journey has suddenly began without any warning. The next track off of Hallucinogenesis is the longest on the album and maybe my favorite, ‘Labrea Borealis’. This song has one of my favorite elements that only the best of doom writers can do and that is to get their listener to absolutely lose themselves in the song. By the time the first riff pattern ends and the second part of the song hits, nearly five minutes has come and gone, but yet it does not feel dragged out or stale. The third song, ‘Kosmoceratops’, is one of the more upbeat songs on the album that is sure to get your fist pumping with the snare hits. Right as your arm gets numb from that, around two and a half minutes in is a nice breakdown (no deathcore here, chill out) which is sure to get the rest of your body moving. The closer, ‘Aqualibrium’, does a great job of bringing your drug induced journey to an end. The last-minute or so has an effect where it feels like the listener is getting sucked out of this psychedelic dream world right before the last refrain of the main riff and fade out that really caps off the album well.

Lesbian is another doom/sludge band that easily made their way into my music library and will continue to reside there. Hallucinogenesis only has four tracks but are different from one another enough to make each track feel fresh and a new leg of the adventure that the album seeks out to send you on. The only portions of some of the songs that had me confused were the almost black metal screeches that occasionally popped up. The first few times I listened to the album, they felt out-of-place. Overall, this late summer doom release should leave a mark on all fans as we approach autumn.

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7.5 / 10