King – Reclaim The Darkness

King Reclaim The Darkness cover ghostcultmag


King are an Australian melodic blackened metal trio consisting of David Hill, Tony Forde and David Haley, with Hill and Forde previously being band mates in goregrind band The Day Everything Became Nothing. Their debut album Reclaim The Darkness (Indie Recordings) was recorded over a two-year span, with a great attention to detail throughout the process. Combine that with the talent involved has resulted in one of the best albums of 2016. Continue reading

Tsjuder – Antilliv

SOM 364LP Gatefold 8mm spine (LP1044) OptM.indd


Norway is best known for churning out some of the greatest black metal in the world. Tsjuder is no exception to this fact especially with their latest release, Antilliv (Season of Mist). Sure it may not be anything brand new to the genre, but this release is certainly a staple in an already impressive legacy that continues to be written by the Norwegian outfit. Each song has its own characteristics and kept the album fresh which is quite the achievement given how cookie cutter like black metal can be churned out nowadays.

One of the enjoyable aspects of this album are the changing of languages that the lyrics are shrieked in. Most of the songs are in English but a few of the tracks are in Norwegian which gives off a whole different and almost creepier feeling. One of which is called ‘Norge’ which appears to be a salute to their home country with a sense of pride. Arguably one of the best tracks on Antilliv actually has one of the corniest names, ‘Demonic Supremacy’. The song starts off with the expected black metal feel but after a few minutes it switches over to a two-step beat that would appease many moshers. However, as suddenly as the first transition hit, the song becomes a thrash song and then hits handbrake again to finish off in an eerie breakdown.

There are so many different sounds that the three piece are able to incorporate into each of the tracks on Antilliv that it will make your head spin in more ways than one. Although this may not be one of the instant classic black metal releases as seen in the past, but it will certainly keep fans happy and I would be shocked to hear anyone utter the word disappointment when talking about this record. My only regret is not trying to catch even one song by this band at this past year’s Maryland Deathfest.