We all get burnt out.

Honestly, if you haven’t yet, I applaud you. This industry is notorious for creating work ethics and hyper-focused mindsets that can be incredibly unsustainable. Continue reading

MCLUCAS’S MUSIC INDUSTRY CONFIDENTIAL: Lessons Learned From Poor Quality Music Online

Music has… changed. Not in a “back when IIIII was a kid” sense (I’m also 24 so that wouldn’t even be that far back) but in the way we consume it. In many cases, it seems to be getting absorbed into the bigger window of being an entertainment/media company. Continue reading

MCLUCAS’S MUSIC INDUSTRY CONFIDENTIAL: Four Reasons Not To Buy Social Media Followers

Buying fake followers, likes, views, subscribers is always so sexy. It’s easy to get lured in by the ego boost it gives you, and there are a lot of short term benefits. In my conversation and observation, it never ends well in a long-term window and is the worst thing to spend your money on. Why? Continue reading


Companies are SO good at the “this is the one piece of gear standing between you and a chart-worthy album” and honestly, people like me have fallen for that trap more than once. After looking back on thousands of dollars lost and no improvement, there is one investment I made that was…. Just. THE WORST. Continue reading

MAKING IT IN MUSIC: John McLucas on Touring

Ah touring, everyone’s favorite sexy alluring demon beast of the music industry. It can be one of the greatest and worst uses of your time as a band, turning moderate fans to lifelong superfans, or causing you to lose thousands of dollars and play to empty rooms. Personally, I have toured over half the country, and played absolutely empty rooms and festivals (one opening for Tool, Coheed & Cambria, and Primus) but have since declined tour offers in the last 16 months.

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PODCAST: EPISODE 17: Kayla and Rob from Witch Mountain Talk New Beginnings and Self-Care on Tour

Ghost Cult caught up Rob Wrong and Kayla Dixon with Witch Mountain last year at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn to discuss their most recent, self-titled album, out now on Svart Records. Their first full-length album with singer Kayla, the album is another milestone In the storied career of one of the most consistent, long-running Doom Metal bands in the USA, We spoke to the pair in the basement of Saint Vitus (hence the noise in the background, so bump those speakers) about the new music, performing live, self-care on the road, the other endeavors and musical projects from the band and much more. Purchase, stream and follow their activities via their Bandcamp page.  Continue reading

Tarja Turunen Reflects On Career, Touring, Mastering Her Craft, ProgPower USA, and More!

Ghost Cult had the honor of hanging out with Tarja Turunen in New York City last fall. She had just wowed a sold-out crowd at the Gramercy Theater the night before, as part of her first headline tour of America in almost ten years. Tarja released her amazing live album/DVD Act II, out now via earMusic spanning her entire career last year. In a candid wide-ranging chat at the Sir Henry Penthouse Hotel in mid-town Manhattan, Tarja discussed touring and keeping her voice in shape on the road, her Christmas tours, balancing family and being a working musician, her favorite composers, marking major anniversaries of Nightwish albums such as Oceanborn, favorite cover songs, new music in 2019 and much more. We send our thanks to Tarja for her generosity, her label, and PR team. Interview by Keefy and videography and photos by Omar Cordy of OJC Photography for Ghost Cult. Continue reading