Slipknot Confirms Identity of Tortilla Man

In a post to social media, Slipknot has confirmed the identity of percussionist Tortilla Man. As widely rumored, and in a story broken by Ghost Cult in 2019 based on reddit sleuthing and a popular YouTuber, Tortilla man is actually multi-instrumentalist Michael Pfaff, of M. Shawn Crahan’s Dirty Little Rabbits band, and The Snacks. Promoting his upcoming Reddit AMA, with Michael holding a handwritten sign in the picture that says: “I Am Michael Pfaff, AMA Wednesday 3/16/22, 2 pm CT”. Tortilla Man joined the band in May of 2019, replacing Chris Fehn, dismissed earlier that year, as the second percussionist in the band. His debut appearance in the band was the video for “Unsainted.”

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CONCERT REVIEW: Knotfest Roadshow – Slipknot – Killswitch Engage – Fever 333 – Code Orange Live at DTE Energy Music Theatre

Entering DTE Energy Music Theatre was like walking into a theme park. There is a reason why it was rated first in the world for Pollstar’s 2019 year’s end rankings. Last weekend an army of black shirts with dyed hair walked through the outdoor amphitheater’s large gates. The late afternoon was pregnant with the infancy of Autumn which carried a refreshing crispness in the air. The tingly weather placed the multitude of concert goers in a rambunctious mood. The well-groomed music venue is accompanied with exceptional landscaping and pretty restaurants that set a peaceful tone which would be greatly contradicted with the night of mayhem ahead. Slipknot was in town, and they brought the Knotfest Roadshow with them.

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Slipknot Accidently Confirms Identity of Tortilla Man

In a story Ghost Cult broke and continues to follow Slipknot has tried to hid e the identity of percussionist Tortilla Man, even though there is tons of evidence that that character is none other than musician Michael Pfaff. Pfaff replaced Chris Fehn who was dismissed from the band for suing over his cut of the bands money and alleging corrupt financial dealings by management. Now the band has played their hand by offering Torrilla Man facemasks for sale at their UK . merchandise store on the Digital Stores web site, taking pre-orders for what it is calling the “Pfaff Neck Gaiter Face Cover”. Due to be released on September 25, this neck gaiter features the mask design worn by “Tortilla Man” and is made of elastic soft and breathable fabric. It is available in one size only.Continue reading

Slipknot’s “Tortilla Man” Shares Unmasked Photo in Slovenia

While Slipknot continues to avoid answering the question: Who is “Tortilla Man”, he can’t help show his face and leave other clues about his identity. When Slipknot visited Postojna Cave, the most extensive cave system in Slovenia naturally made of limestone, percussionist M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan, drummer Jay Weinberg, and “Tortilla Man” appeared out of costume. Several photos from their visit can be seen below. Ghost Cult shared the news that a YouTuber broke the news last fall ahead of every other music site covering the band that “Tortilla Man.” is really multi-instrumentalist Michael Pfaff. Pfaff played keyboards with Crahan in the band Dirty Little Rabbits and is also a member of the Iowa-based duo The Snacks. Included in the image gallery is a picture of the page in the Postojna Cave, the unmasked photo of the band, and the visitors’ book signed by the three members of the band, with the middle signature appearing to contain the word “Pfaff”.Continue reading

Ghost Cult’s Top 10 News Stories of 2019

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YouTuber The House of Masks Discovers The Identity of Slipknot’s “Tortilla Man”

When it comes to Slipknot, for the most part, Ghost Cult has stayed out of the “who is Tortilla man?” hijinks of the rest of the music journalism world. We were happy to cover Knotfest Roadshow at one of the first dates, share our early review of We Are Not Your Kind (Roadrunner) and keep the “what does Corey Taylor think”? Rumble to a dull roar, because we don’t post that nonsense here. However, a YouTuber we like, The House of Masks just cracked the code (he found out on Reddit), so we thought we’d share! Here is the big reveal!Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind

With everything Slipknot has been through in the last few years, you’d have thought they would have explored enough darkness and misery to last a lifetime, wanting to escape the cold expanse of unrelenting blackness with a renewed sense of optimism.

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