CONCERT REVIEW: Overkill – Prong – Cultus Black: Live at The Chance

It’s really good to visit The Chance for a show after two years. It’s a long Metro-North Railroad train ride from the city but it’s always worth it once you’re there.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Black Label Society – Obituary – Prong: Live at Ace of Spades

Getting fully back into concert mode has been fun, but also scary on some levels as a fan. I need live music in my life, bad, but I am nervous around small clubs and tons of people right now, since the pandemic is still a thing. Nevertheless, I got the opportunity to cover legends like Black Label Society, Obituary, and Prong all at the same show, no less, and so I had to handle my emotions and nerves (I have pretty bad anxiety on the reg) and trooped out to Sacramento’s respected Ace of Spades club.

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Danzig’s Elvis Presley Covers Album Due in April, World Tour Dates Planned

Danzig, often very low-key on social media, has updated the fans on the 2020 plans for the band. The post to Facebook filled in some details we previously broke the news about concerning the Verotika Blu-ray and Soundtrack release next month. The post promised the long-in the works Danzig sings Elvis Presley covers album that Jerry Cantrell worked on with the singer. “A few intimate” shows are said to be planned for that release. Danzig has hinted at more solo touring as he ramps up his film projects and winds down his work with the Original Misfits. Also, 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of Danzig II Lucifuge, and we heard in our recent interview with Tommy Victor (Prong) that he was expecting to be on the road with that tour this year and that activity might impact Prong. Continue reading

Prong Releases New Single – “End of Sanity”

Prong has shared a new single, ”End of Sanity”. Recordeed with producer Chris Collier (No Absolutes, Zero Days) the recording is one of two tracks for a new EP, to be released in the fall. The songs were mixed by Terry Date (Cleansing, Rude Awakening). Prrong recently wrapped the “Cleansing” 25th-anniversary tour in Europe, and a tour with Agnostic Front. Continue reading

Jamey Jasta To Release New Solo Album via Exclusive Gas Digital Offer

Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed is releasing his long in the works solo project album Jasta: The Lost Chapters Volume 2 this fall. Jasta announced today that he is offering subscribers to his podcast, The Jasta Show, via Gas Digital a special offer to get early access to the two new singles and the album before the public can buy or stream it. The two singles are ‘Spilled Blood Never Dies’ ft Kirk Windstein of Crowbar, and ‘Silence the Enemy Mind’ with Billybio’s Billy Graziadei. The album features guest appearances from Max Cavalera, George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, Jesse Leach, Windstein, Howard Jones, Matthew K Heafy, Zoli Teglas, Billy Bio, Phil Rind, Tommy Victor, Joey Concepcion and Frankie Palmieri, as well as his backing band consisting of Charley and Nicky Bellmore (Dee Snider). Jasta will likely not tour behind this album right away since his focus for 2020 will be recording the new Hatebreed album. Jasta’s podcast airs two episodes weekly (Tuesday and Friday) in an interview format, often featuring hour-long, in-depth chats with legends. He is nearing 500 episodes, with the current edition #489, with Amigo The Devil, just aired.

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Prong Announces Tour Dates With Powerflo

On the heels of their recent announcement of their co-headline tour with fellow legends Helmet, Prong has announced another run of tour dates. The “Zero Days Tour” will see the long-running metal innovators joined by supergroup Powerflo, which features members of Cypress Hill, Biohazard and Fear Factory in their ranks, and special guests at each date. Prong continues to tour in support of their killer 2017 album, Zero Days, released last summer on the Steamhammer label. Continue reading

Prong – Zero Days

For a band that’s been around longer than I’ve been uselessly kicking around this earth, Prong still has plenty of juice. I enjoyed both Songs from the Black Hole and X – No Absolutes (both SPV/Steamhammer) just fine, but the vibe is different on album twelve(!), Zero Days (Steamhammer). Seems like Tommy Victor has been busy putting together a late career resurgence, not unlike the lads in Machine Head.Continue reading

Danzig – Black Laden Crown

The number seven has long been a recurring theme with Glenn Danzig. ‘777’, ‘7th House’, seven albums with numbered prefixes, and now in 2017 – seven years on from his last studio album to feature original material, and at the age of 61 (six plus one…? Okay, maybe that’s pushing things a little too far) it’s finally time for Black Laden Crown (AFM Records), the latest chapter in the Danzig story.Continue reading

Prong – X No Absolutes

prong no absolutes

Tommy Victor has been a busy boy recently. Since Prong returned from their self-prescribed hiatus in 2012 with Carved Into Stone (Long Branch/SPV), Victor has recorded two more albums with the band, played on Danzig‘s covers album Skeletons (Evilive/Nuclear Blast) and toured with both acts. Now, less than a year after the release of their own covers record Songs From the Black Hole (Steamhammer/SPV), Prong are back with X – No Absolutes (Steamhammer/SPV), their third full length in four years. Or fourth if you include the covers album. (Editor’s note: They also have a self-released live album on Bandcamp they are not counting either!)

Although previous record Ruining Lives (Steamhammer/SPV) was generally well received, it felt a little like the band were trying too hard to make sure they pleased everybody by writing songs which sat nicely inside their own safe little pigeon holes. Hardcore song – check. Thrash song – check. Industrial song – check. This time out, there’s a slightly more organic feel to the record in the respect that although there are songs which clearly fit into each of those little boxes, there are some which cross over into others or have a different sound entirely. It appears that recording a covers album has had a positive creative effect on the band.

The opening trio of songs are all about hitting you hard and fast though. ‘Ultimate Authority’ is a mid-paced stomper with a hardcore chorus and a Pantera vibe to its opening riff. ‘Sense of Ease’ is full-on shouty and aggressive hardcore thrashing with a nice breakdown towards the end, and “Without Words” simply punches its way unceremoniously into your ears.

Things fall into standard territory (in a good way) with the next few songs. The title track stands out with its more laid back, but still purposeful approach, and ‘Do Nothing’ is possibly the closest the band have ever come to writing a ballad. There’s a hint of Ministry during ‘Belief System’, the pacy ‘In Spite of Hindrances’ features an all too brief guitar solo which sounds distinctly similar to old school Metallica, and one of the album’s highlights ‘Ice Runs Through My Veins’ begins with a pulsing bassline and a tickly little riff followed by a chorus not a million miles away from The Sisters of Mercy. Victor’s love of pinch harmonics has been noticeably restrained until we get to ‘Worth Pursuing’ when he suddenly throws caution to the wind and hurls a load of them into the mix just for the hell of it. Closer ‘With Dignity’ although actually pretty catchy, is probably the weakest track on the album, sounding more like Linkin Park than it probably should, the bonus track ‘Universal Law’ saving the album from ending on its lowest point.