Avichi- Catharsis Absolute

avichi After being in the works for a long time, Avichi’s Catharsis Absolute (Profound Lore) has finally surfaced, and for the most part it’s been worth the wait. Piano interludes open and close the album, with 4 tracks of ferocious black metal packed in between. Whilst the album isn’t exactly accessible, the melodic undercurrent that runs throughout the album makes it slightly more welcoming than other obscure one man projects such as Fyrnask. The harsh, repetitive riff at the end of ‘Flames In My Eyes’ is reminiscent of Darkthrone’s classic era, although it doesn’t feel half as frosty given that this album actually has some production quality. This is no bad thing though, as the production quality gives strength to ‘Lightweaver’, and heightens the anthemic qualities of ‘Voice of Intuition’. What is most noticeable about the album is the use of melody. This is particularly apparent on ‘Lightweaver’, where twisting black metal riffs, keyboards, and chanting intertwine to create a surprisingly catchy song. ‘Voice of Intuition’ is also surprisingly catchy, given the anthemic qualities of the song. A very audible vocal line of “SPEAK TO ME!” is bellowed out across a strong, almost black ‘n’ roll rhythm.


‘All Gods Fall’ is by far the longest track on the album, clocking in at 12 minutes. Here, Avichi slows things down, and gets atmospheric without ever falling into post-black metal tropes. Unfortunately though, it isn’t quite as memorable as the tracks that precede it, meaning that this otherwise great album goes out with a bit of a fizzle as opposed to a bang. It’s by no means a bad track, but the punchiness of the first 3 songs is sorely missed. The track is followed by the aforementioned piano outro, which at this point feels as if it drags, as opposed to adding any atmosphere to the album.


Whilst the album has undeniably strong moments, it is ultimately let down by ending on a meandering 12 minute track which feels lacking in focus, followed by a dull piano outro. If it had ended with one of the middle 3 tracks, it would probably offer a lot more incentive for repeat listens. Despite these negative points, Catharsis Absolute is a decent album, as the tracks which are good, are very good indeed.



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Tom Saunders

Gris – À l’Ame Enflammée, l’Ame Constellée…

gris-cover-small On the wide and incredibly varied spectrum of black metal, Gris fall under the “exquisite, spacious and atmospheric” variety. They’re commonly labelled as a depressive suicidal black metal (DSBM) band, but on this album they display far more experimentation, especially given the expansive non black-metal sections, than many of their peers. The first track, ‘L’Aube’, is a breathtakingly beautiful piece, primarily comprised of gently plucked acoustic guitar, and ethereal chanting. Fans of Alcest will be in their element with music like this, although there is a darker undercurrent here, which becomes quickly apparent when the tortured screams burst through and shatter the tranquility.Continue reading

Monarque – Lys Noir

LYSNOIR Monarque is a one man black metal project from Quebec. Dabbling in the realm of depressive suicidal black metal (DSBM), despite being relatively melodic, Lys Noir (Sepulchral Productions) is unapologetically raw. Much of the melody on the album comes from keyboards that play under the buzz of the guitar. The use of keyboards on the album is very tastefully done, ensuring that any risk of cheesiness is comfortably avoided. Remaining firmly in the background, and allowing the riffs to take centre stage, the keyboard merely adds another textural layer to the album.Continue reading

Noisem – Agony Defined

Noisem No one can forget the fact that they’ve heard Reign In Blood. Or Ride The Lightning. Or Pleasure To Kill. None of these facts has stopped a thrash revival of sorts from happening over the last few years. Although it has admittedly wained a little now, there is still a steady stream of albums coming out that sounds as if they could’ve come straight from the 80s. Luckily, Noisem‘s Agony Defined (A389 Recordings) is one of the better ones.Continue reading

Vasaeleth – All Uproarious Darkness

Vasaeleth-All-Uproarious-Darkness Some fans may understandably be put off by the fact that the 3 year wait for new Vasaeleth (Profound Lore) material has resulted in a mere 5 track, 19 minute release. However, there is a strong argument that this release format is ideal for the style of ugly death metal that Vasaeleth play. When the consistent high quality of the release becomes apparent, any complaint about it’s briefness should be silenced. The short runtime actually offers more incentive to revisit the release more frequently.Continue reading

A.M.S.G – Anti Cosmic Tyranny

AMSG-Anti-Cosmic-Tyranny-e1371818785879 A.M.S.G couldn’t be more cold, grim and isolating if they tried. They capture the frosty, alienating tone of black metal perfectly, even if on Anti Cosmic Tyranny (Profound Lore), they don’t always have the songs to back up the atmosphere. Being honest, the first two songs sort of drift by. They aren’t bad, but they feel a bit long, and they don’t offer much that catches the ear. That said, the album is worth sticking with, because it really hits it’s stride on the third track, ‘Sacrificial Chants Of Cosmic Separation’. A.M.S.G know how to write a hypnotic, mid-paced riff, which is bound to catch the listener’s ear, and this song is abundant with them.Continue reading

Morne – Shadows

Sahdow Morne play atmospheric doom, not too dissimilar in style to Downfall Of Gaia, for lack of a better way to describe it. From the moment Shadows (Profound Lore) starts playing, an irresistibly thick guitar tone washes over the listener. The pacing is hypnotically consistent, and perfect for headbanging to. That isn’t to say that the album lacks variety when it comes to tempo changes though. The main riff on ‘Coming of Winter’ gallops along, whereas the opening of the final track, ‘Throes’ exhibits more of a droning ambience.Continue reading