Sevendust Enters the Studio to Record Album Number 10


In a series of posts to his fan page on Facebook, guitarist Clint Lowery of Sevendustannounced the band has hit the studio to begin recording the bands 10th full-length original album. Due for a late-spring/early summer 2015 release, the album is expected to be a return to heavier sounds following last years’ unplugged Time Travelers and Bonfires (7 Bros/Asylum) album. The band just completed another Shiprocked Cruise which saw them perform with Limp Bizkit, Black Label Society, heavy metal all-star band Metal Allegiance, Buckcherry, P.O.D., Sevendust, Tremonti, Andrew W.K.,Living Colour, Crobot and many more.

Sevendust, photo by Clint Lowery

Sevendust, photo by Clint Lowery


Sevendust, photo by Clint Lowery

Sevendust, photo by Clint Lowery

Sevendust – Time Travelers and Bonfires



Playing “unplugged” as a novelty went of style out a long time ago. From the MTV Unplugged series to all manner of radio stations getting bands in the studio to bash out a few acoustic alt-takes for broadcast or singles, music fans have become accustomed to bands laying back, and getting in touch with their inner Jim Croce, Joan Baez, and Harry Chapin. Even artists as diverse as Zakk Wylde, Wino, Epica, Anathema and, Scott Kelly like to strum a 12-string or a dobro, and often feel liberated by the process. Sevendust has already gone down this road a decade ago withSouthside Double-Wide: Acoustic Live and clearly wanted to make this a standalone affair. In addition to writing new material, they also enlisted their fans to choose which of their classics would be re-recorded. Not only that, they had a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign with Pledge Music, netting over 222% above their goal to get this album made.

Time Travelers and Bonfires (7Bros) features new songs, which fit right in with the best of the bands back catalog. Songs like ‘Come Down’, ‘Under It All’, and ‘Upbeat Sugar’ all sound like they would have fit well into 2013’s Black Out The Sun release. The songs written specifically with this album in mind feel fresh, rather than just playing a batch of rock songs recorded acoustically. ‘Bonfire’ has that familiar 7D sound to it, just more chill, and if they have a song they’d like to reverse this treatment to, this is the one. The pristine production allows rare elements for this band like piano and string arrangements to shine through the mix. The vocal interplay of LaJon Witherspoon, Clint Lowery and the rest of the band are just magical sounding. The new music also continues the wizened, wistful lyrics we’ve heard from them lately. The fan chosen-songs could not represent the history of Sevendust better. Whether it’s re-casting the fierce ‘Denial’ as a doleful ballad, ‘Crucified’ as a countrified shuffle, or adding new flavors to ‘Karma’ and ‘Black’; the band has given new life to these old hits. This is definitely a must have for fans, and a good addition to your music collection if you need to find some balance amongst the all noise.


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Keith Chachkes