Ticketmaster Clarifies Its Policy on Refunds, Passes the Blame on Promoters and Venues

In a story we have been following, ticketing company Ticketmaster has issued a statement in response to an outcry from music fans after it recently adjusted the language on its web site regarding refund policies. A few weeks ago — before the coronavirus outbreak forced the cancelation or postponement of most large events and public gatherings — it said people could get refunds “if your event is postponed, rescheduled or canceled”; now it lists only cancelation as a reason for getting your money back, though it suggests there may be other circumstances in which refunds might be considered. Continue reading

Ticketmaster Quietly Changes Its Refund Policy, Screwing Over The Fans

In a new report by www.digitalmusicnews.com, in the maelstrom that is the current concert and music festival landscape with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Ticketmaster has quietly and perhaps deceitfully changed its refund policy to be even less accommodating and unfair than before in light of the current economic situation facing many fans and venues. In other words, because of the entire industry shut down due to coronavirus, they are opting to leave fans holding the bag from cancellations and postponements. Thus, fans will have a near-impossible time getting refunds when many in the world are out of work. As fans are looking for refunds, Ticketmaster changed its refund policy to cover only canceled events — not the many functions that promoters have indefinitely “postponed” or rescheduled to a date/time that some ticket holders cannot make.Continue reading