ALBUM REVIEW – Cult of Luna – A Dawn to Fear

Alright, guys, it’s time for us to talk about the importance of Cult of Luna. Yeah, that underappreciated Swedish unit that has delivered a consistent series of music both brutal and majestic since 2001’s self-titled effort. Okay, so maybe you arrived late to the party and missed the early portion, but you did catch their mindfuck crossover with Julie Christmas, Mariner, right? No? Well, A Dawn to Fear (Metal Blade) is as good as an entry point as you’re going to get.Continue reading

Neurosis Drummer Jason Roeder Sells Drumkit On Ebay To Raise Money For Wildfire Relief

Legendary Neurosis and SLEEP drummer Jason Roeder has completed the auction of his treasured drumset on ebay, of which the proceeds will go to the Sonoma County North Bay Fire Relief Fund to help victims of the October wildfires that devastated California. More information about the relief efforts can be found here .Continue reading

My Favorite Concert Memory Ever… Mike Hill of Tombs

Mike Hill of Tombs, Photo by Kaley Nelson

Mike Hill of Tombs, Photo by Kaley Nelson


“The first one that immediately comes to mind is that I saw Neurosis , EyeHateGod, and Dead and Gone. I’m gonna say it was the late 90s. EyeHateGod, even though I don’t think they have held up as well over the years; but in that period, they were one of the greatest live bands of all time. They are certainly one of the best live bands ever. And I had forgotten that Neurosis was on the bill, and Neurosis came out and even topped EyeHateGod, they were that good. This was on the tail end of the Through Silver In Blood (Neurot) touring, and it was just a transcendent experience to see them live.”



Neurosis Press Picture

neurosis through silver in blood album cover

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