Relapse Records Releases 15th Anniversary Reissue of Necrophagist’s “Epitaph”


Relapse Records has released a fifteenth anniversary of the technical Death Metal legends Necrophagist’s album Epitaph. The band toured the world, played festivals and tour the US on The Summer Slaughter tour. Sadly, this was the bands’ final record as of now and the group has achieved mythical status in the underground. You can order new bundles from Relapse at the link below. Continue reading

The Summer Slaughter Tour 2013 Starts This Weekend

summer4 The annual edition of The Slaughter Tour is upon us and we are stoked! Not every one was thrilled when the lineup was announced mind you, as the tour had previously been a beacon of death metally goodness, and now it is a more diverse affair. As the ever-shifting musical landscape continues to evolve in the place of the deathcore bands were growing accustomed to seeing, now the prog and djent bands have fully taken hold of the tour. It is not a completely unwelcome change, but there are bound to be some who will grouse about the bands, no matter who plays unless Necrophagist shows up.Continue reading