LIVE REVIEW: Amon Amarth – Arch Enemy – Hypocrisy: Live at Birmingham Academy

There’s a wonderfully surreal moment in The Simpsons when Abe Simpson inexplicably proclaims, “the Swedish are coming! The Swedish are coming!”. Well, tonight in frosty Birmingham, that’s exactly what’s happening. Hailing from the land of Abba, Ikea, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, three of the finest exponents of melodic death metal have landed in Blighty to bang heads and kick bottom.Continue reading

Okilly Dokilly – Howdilly Twodilly

Apropos of nothing, The Simpsons is overrated cat sick. FIGHT ME. But I digress because Ned Flanders is cool. He redeems the show with his presence. He is the bomb. The bollocks. Continue reading

Audio: Worlds First Ned Flanders Inspired Metal Band Breaks The Internet


Yesterday was International Left-Handers day. To celebrate, Arizona band Okilly Dokilly inspired by infamous left-handed The Simpsons cartoon character Ned Flanders blitzed the internet with their music and collective Flanders inspired visage. Self-described as the world’s first “Nedal Band” they became a viral sensation across social media. You can hear their demo at this link or below: