Killswitch Engage Shares “The Signal Fire” Music Video, Ft Howard Jones (Light The Torch)

As teased over the weekend, Killswitch Engage has shared the video for their highly anticipated single, ‘The Signal Fire’. The track features a duet between lead singer Jesse Leach and former KsE singer Howard Jones of Light The Torch, Watch the video, directed by the band’s longtime collaborator Ian McFarland (The Godfathers of Hardcore, Meshuggah): Continue reading

Killswitch Engage Shares Teaser for “The Signal Fire” Video, New Album Out Now


Killswitch Engage has released their new album, Atonement, their first for Metal Blade Records. The band just shared a blink and you’ll miss it a teaser trailer for their new music video for the highly anticipated track ‘The Signal Fire’. The song features a collaboration with former Killswitch Engage and current Light The Torch vocalist Howard Jones, and the clip will be released this Tuesday, August 20th. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Killswitch Engage – Atonement

A few beers in and I’m trying to figure out the angle on this new Killswitch Engage release, Atonement (Metal Blade). Sure, to Johnny NoName, it simple to just say “it’s just another Killswitch album, you know what you’re getting.” And sure, there’s a bit of truth to that statement as we get many of the tried and tested play plays from this Massachusetts staple like rock-solid production, punchy mix, and equal parts melody and guitar fire. I wouldn’t expect any less.Continue reading