Exclusive Song Stream: The Old Wind – Wooden Scythe


Ghost Cult is pleased to premiere the stream of the new track from The Old Wind, ‘Wooden Scythe’. The track comes from their split EP with Cult Of Luna, Råångest (Pelagic Records) dropping January 29th. You can stream ‘Wooden Scythe’ track below:

The Old Wind features members of The Ocean and Breach and the will have another new song on Råångest. Cult of Luna he heard covering Amebix’s ‘Last Will And Testament’, the last recording for the band before they go on hiatus later in 2016.

The title of the EP, Råångest, means raw anxiety in Swedish. LA-based German artist Florian Bertmer drew the cover. In a Facebook post, the band commented on the meaning of the album:

The title itself is a big part of where we come from.
As much as we love the beauty and clarity of the north,
it can be a struggle. 5 months of darkness and harsh cold can definitely do stuff with your mind. For a lot of people living in the north anxiety is the main dish on the dinner table…

Us and the guys from COL can all relate to this when this is our birthplace and where we grew up. We come from the same scene and it feels like our thoughts and musical ideas are a pure reflection of our origin and the way we project it. The outcome of the harvest is RÅÅNGEST.


Råångest EP track listing:
1. Cult Of Luna – ‘Last Will And Testament’
2. The Old Wind – ‘Wooden Scythe’
3. The Old Wind – ‘Daughters Of Cleanse’

Pre-order links
LP: http://pelagic-records.com/shop/music/vinyl/cult-of-luna-the-old-wind-raangest-ep-vinyl
CD: http://pelagic-records.com/shop/music/cds-dvds-books/cult-of-luna-the-old-wind-raangest-ep-cd-digipak

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Album Stream: The Moth Gatherer – The Earth Is The Sky


Swedish atmospheric doom/sludge metallers The Moth Gatherer is streaming their newly released album The Earth Is The Sky, out now via Agonia Records, here. The album was recorded over a period of two years in three different studios. Mixing & mastering duties were taken care of by Karl Daniel Lidén (Dozer, The Old Wind, Switchblade, Terra Tenebrosa). The artwork has been made by SCG, while Swedish printer, EJG, prepared the layout, creating an exclusive painting for each of the six tracks on the album. The album features David Johansson (Kongh), Wacian (Code), The Cuukoo (Terra Tenebrosa) and Thomas Jäger (Monolord).

the moth gatherer the earth is the sky

01: Pale Explosions
02: Attacus Atlas
03: Probing The Descent of Man
04: Dyatlov Pass
05: The Black Antlers
06: In Awe Before The Rapture

Alex – Bass and Vocals
Victor – Guitars, Electronics and Vocals
Svante – Drums