Ringworm – Death Becomes My Voice

Diminished twin lead guitars fade in above a filthy, distorted bass line. It segues into the intro of the title track, and Death Becomes My Voice (Relapse Records) begins in ill-conceived circumstances. This intro segment is a slow crawl through power chords and crashing cymbals, and completely unrepresentative of the album as a whole. When the main bulk of the title track begins it’s clear that the slow introduction was a calm before a storm, but perhaps an unnecessary breather to kick things off. It may have worked better somewhere in the middle of this unrelenting album as something of a palate cleanser, but more on that later.Continue reading

Ringworm – Snake Church

Ringworm – Snake Church cover ghostcultmag


Every once in a while, I will find a band that did not really do it for me live (perhaps it is just the bill) but then really nail it on the next album that gets released. Ringworm is one of those bands and Snake Church (Relapse Records) is one of those albums. The Cleveland, Ohio crossover/hardcore group put together a fun album that equally plays to the ears of hardcore and thrash metal fans. With twelve tracks at a little over a half hour long, I felt content given most of the songs are just a couple of minutes long as usually seen with thrash/crossover albums.

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