The End Of The Ocean -aire

Studies show that heavy music inspires some of the most loyal listeners globally among fans of all genres. This isn’t a surprise to most of us with a taste for heavier music, since most mainstream music is mildly annoying at worst and nails on a chalkboard horrid at worst. One style of music that often doesn’t get enough credit is post-Rock, often a sonic kaleidoscope of moods, ebb, and flow, and cathartic releases. Even though it’s many fans will shout from a mountain top, or in a Reddit community about their undying love for these bands, they are still not often top of mind when average fans rattle off “Most Anticipated albums lists”. Still, The End Of The Ocean is a band that inspires the highest devotion, since their last full-length album until now was Pacific-Atlantic and their 2012 EP In Excelsis was their last new music until now. The band spent 2018 reconnecting musically and writing again, producing the comeback album, -aire (Equal Vision).

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