Grinding Away The Edges – An Interview With Dead In The Dirt

Dead-In-The-DirtEarlier this year Atlanta’s Dead In The Dirt dropped a sonic maelstrom of grinding mayhem and emotional catharsis with their album, The Blind Hole (Southern Lord). Ghost Cult’s Matt Hinch posed some questions to band mouthpiece Blake Connally about the band, the album and life in general. He was only too happy dig in. Continue reading

Dead In The Dirt – The Blind Hole

Dead1Oh my dark lord, what just happened? 25 minutes ago the world made sense. Now all I know is pain. I feel everything yet I feel nothing. My body is broken. My body is weak. My mind feels distorted. But something flows within me stimulating every fiber of my being. I feel surrounded by darkness. Something burns with euphoric clarity. Am I even breathing? I can’t move. Am I trapped or am I free? It’s becoming clearer. I’ve been assaulted. Violated. Forgotten. My skin is coarse. And cold. I am alone. I feel…I feel…Dead In The Dirt. Continue reading