Bloodstock Festival 2014 Preview


Following hot on the heels of the two big guns of the heavy metal festival season (Download and Sonisphere), the increasingly impressive Bloodstock, held in the lovely grounds of Catton Hall in Derbyshire, England looks set to have a glorious weekend, if its stellar line up of legends and contemporary metal is anything to go by.


Bloodstock has grown a fearsome reputation as the most metal of the metal festivals and this year’s line-up is no exception, covering all the bases you expect and some bases that you didn’t think needed covering but have been all the same. Anyway, everyone at Ghost Cult is getting hugely excited for what should be a very memorable few days.


Friday is packed to the gunnels with some choice options so it will definitely be a case of running between stages if you want to try and fit it all in: Krokodil, Rotting Christ and Winterfylleth are names worth marking on your clashfinder spreadsheet. There’s likely to be a lot of love and a lot of circle pits for Hatebreed; there won’t be many faces not adorning corpse paint for Dimmu Borgir but if you wanted to lay a bet, then the suffocating heaviness of Triptykon or the dirty, southern charms of Down are likely to slug it out for band of the day.


Saturday is likely to be none more black. There has been a near year-long salivating at the prospect of the return of black metal legends Emperor, who headline the Saturday night main stage with Ihsahn and co promising a blackened gallop through their classic opus In the Nightside Eclipse as well as plenty of other surprises. Unmissable, really. It’s not all about them though: Carcass are currently in rude health, Shining are likely to shake the hangover from you with ease but the prospect of seeing Crowbar pummel riff after glorious riff is likely to be worth the entrance fee alone. Elsewhere we will be checking out The King is Blind, The Mercy House and, hell yeah, HellYeah.


Thrash metal legends Megadeth get to close the festival on the Sunday but there is more than ample support from everyone’s favourite Vikings Amon Amarth, festival stalwarts Saxon and Graveyard are always worth 30 mins of your time. If you need more inspiration then you could do worse than checking out Northern Ireland’s Stormzone or the industrial influenced Avatar. Honestly, there’s piles more: it’s gonna to be a classic. See you in the circle pit or, given my advancing years, the seats near the bar.


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Eindhoven Metal Meeting Preview


This coming weekend thousands will descend on one of the metal capitals of the world for the Eindhoven Metal Meeting! Ghost Cult Magazine is proud to be a media partner with the festival for 2013. Centrally located and accessible to many major cities, this festival seems poised to biggest edition of the fest, going back to the hallowed beginnings in Arnhem a decade ago. In what promises to be a memorable festival lineup worthy of closing out this year of stellar gigs and productions throughout the EU, the promoters have assembled a trove of amazing headliners and support bands for hungry metal fans to feast on. The main set up of the fest is two stages. The Large Stage is sponsored by Large PopMerchandising is where the main action will take place. Not to be outdone, the Jagermeister Stage, also features many well known, killer acts that will likely have fans splitting their skulls and ear drums, going back and forth between the two. On the plus side the running order for the entire fest has been posted and in a genius stroke, the bands will all be alternating sets, so theoretically very few bands will overlap each other. That’s a class move right there, one to be appreciated by today’s discerning metal fan.


The-Dream-Calls-For-Blood-Death-AngelThe lineup is amazing on each day. Kicking things off on December 12th will be a very thrash feeling experience with headline caliber sets likely due from Dew Scented , Death Angel, and Sabbaton on the The Large Stage. The Jager stage will have the likes of Downfall of Empires, Extrema, Zetro Souza’s (Testament, Exodus) new band Hatriot, and Accuser. The headline band for Thursday is the always fun in a live setting Accept.




watain band

Day two might be the most evil and well-balanced lineup on both stages. The Large Stage is notable for a proverbial murders’ row of names such as Fleshgod Apocalypse, Morgoth, Belphegor, Napalm Death, Carpathian Forest (!), Tiamat, and Watain. In addition to the very strong In Solitude, the Jager stage has a lot of grindcore for a good change of pace such as the anticipated reunion from the Church of Pungent Stench, Vomitory, and good old Brutal Truth among others.




To grow a fest like this into a three-day affair, you need to be able come to the table with a strong final act and they have certainly done it here with this collection of bands: The Monolith Deathcult, Destroyer 666, Arkona, Hail Of Bullets, Elvenking, Arcturus, Coroner, and Therion among others. The Jager stage has no slouches either with names such as the recently added Heavenshine, Bodyfarm, Centurion, Hooded Menace, Impaled Nazarene, Nargaroth and Aborym to name a few. This promises to be a great time for all. Ghost Cult will be there to capture all the action and bring you a review soon after. Take care of each other out there and have a good time in the name of metal!

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