Battle Beast – No More Hollywood Endings

Just a couple of songs into No More Hollywood Endings (Nuclear Blast), the new album by Finnish Power Metal act Battle Beast, and it’s already becoming evident that something is a little different this time. Not in a bad way; the songs are still hook-laden monsters that will take forever to leave your head, the musicianship is reliably outstanding, and singer Noora Louhimo‘s voice is still as strident and muscular as ever as she turns in one of her best performances to date.Continue reading

Battle Beast – Bringer Of Pain

When Battle Beast guitarist and co-founder Anton Kabanen left the band in 2015 shortly after their third album Unholy Savior (Nuclear Blast) had topped the charts in their native Finland, it left the remaining members somewhat unsure of their future.Continue reading

Metal Tribute to The Bee Gees Post Single, Touring the UK This Week

Tragedy tour poster


Tragedy the Metal tribute to disco act The Bee Gees have posted a new single, a cover of the anthem from the musical film Grease, ‘Your the One That I Want’. See the video below:




The video has over 150,000 hits on YouTube in the first week. The band have also booked a UK tour, kicking off later this week.

Tragedy is;

Barry Glibb — lead vocals, lead back-up vocals, lead rhythm guitar
Mo’Royce Peterson — lead vocals, lead back-up vocals, lead lead guitar
Disco Mountain Man — lead vocals, lead back-up vocals, lead keyboards, lead cowbell
Andy Gibbous Waning — lead bass, lead vocals, lead back-up vocals
The Lord Gibbeth — lead drums