Discrepancies Release A Music Video For Rock The Show

St. Louis neo Nu Metallers Discrepancies have released their official music video for their new single ‘Rock The Show’. The track comes off of their début album The Awakening, which is out now. Check out the hilarious clip below, Continue reading

Derange – The Awakening


London rock band Derange, whose name has connotations of insanity, irregularity and craziness, state that their main influences are bands such as Rage Against The Machine, Limp Bizkit and Deftones, however, their musical style is similar to Lacuna Coil. This comparison is not just because their lead vocalist is female, it is because Cat Pereira’s are both melodic and haunting. The main difference between Cat and Cristina Scabbia is that Cat not only sings like an angel, she also growls like a demon too; her harsh vocals in particular are extremely powerful.

One of the most interesting tracks on their self-released debut album, The Awakening (self-released) is ‘The Thinker’, which has an almost Jekyll and Hyde feel to it. The melodic parts of the song are almost relaxing, whereas the heavier parts of the song are extremely powerful and aggressive. While not an unusual tactic, many bands often try to juxtapose different elements into their sound, however, Derange have managed to do this successfully.

‘Echo’ is a ferocious track full of technical guitar riffs and fast-paced drum beats. It is hard to describe ‘Echo’ as anything other than energetic and it would be interesting to see how this song would work live. If there is one Derange song that you need to listen to on repeat it is definitely this one.

It is obvious that Derange have spent a lot of time trying to create an album which showcases the diversity of Cat’s vocals, and it has definitely paid off. Their melodic yet aggressive musical style is nothing new, but Derange have put their heart and soul into an impressive debut album.




P.O.D. – The Awakening


For a veteran radio rock band producing a heady concept album may seem strange, but San Diego’s P.O.D. has made a career of making left turns seem right. They have been able to shift chameleon-like from their early days as So-Cal hardcore punks, to Nu Metal, to active rock torchbearers while still writing big hits. When you are a band at this level, the choice to make a concept album at this stage of the game is a curious move, but a welcome one.

Following a day in the life of the main protagonist, with all the moral choices a person has to make daily, The Awakening (T-Boy/Universal) is tied together with little vignettes in the form of the intros and outros of tracks. Some of the acting is hammy in places, but in the context of the album, it works. Without being too preachy, the long running Christian act continues to ply its faith through lyrics firmly on each track. Opening with the posi-rock of ‘Am I Awake’, the track sets the tone. I expect arena rock ready hit single ‘This Goes Out To You’ to be heard in the PA system of every NFL stadium this fall. It’s an homage to the SoCal lifestyle the band grew up with and their fans.

The broody ‘Rise of NWO’ is going to be a hit with the bro in your life that follows Facebook groups and Reddit threads about The Illuminati, and False Flag nuts. The track is heavy and features Sonny Sandoval’s deft rhyming. Marcus Curiel, along with help from drummer Wuv Bernardo have done some of the best guitar work in the history of the band on The Awakening. ‘Criminal Conversations’ features In This Moment’s Maria Brink in the lens of an adulterous relationship. Musically the ballad works, and I can see it being a hit with fans, but I wasn’t crazy about the collabo. One exciting thing about the album is the band reconnects with its punk roots on ‘Speed Demon’ and ‘Revolución,’ which features Lou Koller from Sick Of It All. The most surprising track on the album is ‘Want It All’. In addition to the heart tugging vocals and lyrics covering the “why are we all here” stuff, it is a slick Jazzy tune, complete with smokey horns and vibraphone parts that chill you way out.

The Awakening feels like a comeback album for a band that didn’t need to make one. It’s cool to see them challenge themselves and their listeners at a time when many other bands just mail it in.



Video: POD Releases This Goes Out To You Video, New Album Next Week

Photo courtesy of BWR PR

Photo courtesy of BWR PR

POD has released the video for their single ‘This Goes Out To You’ from their upcoming album The Awakening (Atlantic). You can watch the video at this link or below:

The clip for “This Goes Out To You” was directed by San Diego-based filmmaker Gavin Filipiak. Shot on location in the bands hometown, it is a tribute to P.O.D.’s community and local culture featuring “Cholo Goth” duo Prayers, Roller Derby darlings San Diego Derby Dolls, dancers Hob.e, Prime Tyme Ron Myles and Jason Sensation, as well as vintage cars from various local clubs organized by Tribal Streetwear.


The Awakening track listing:

01. Am I Awake
02. This Goes Out To You
03. Rise of NWO
04. Criminal Conversations (feat. Maria Brink)
05. Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me
06. Get Down
07. Speed Demon
08. Want It All
09. Revolución (feat. Lou Koller)
10. The Awakening

Audio: P.O.D. Featuring Maria Brink: Criminal Conversations


P.O.D. (Payable On Death) is streaming their new song ‘Criminal Conversations’, featuring a guest appearance from In This Moment singer Maria Brink. You can hear the track at this link or below:

A behind the scenes video for the recording of the track with Brink has also been released:

‘Criminal Confessions’ comes off of P.O.D.’s upcoming album The Awakening (Atlantic) due out on August 21st.

P.O.D. Releases New Single, The Awakening Due This Summer

Photo courtesy of BWR PR

Photo courtesy of BWR PR

After 23 years into their career and 16 years after their break-through hit record The Fundamental Elements of Southtown, P.O.D. are poised to release their 10th album this summer. The new album Awakening will be released on August 1st, and the first single ‘This Goes Out to You’ can be heard at this link:

Produced by Howard Benson whose work on the Fundamentals.. album yielded the hit that put them on the map, ‘Southtown’, was again in the producers’ chair for The Awakening.

Vocalist Sonny Sandoval comments on the reunion with Benson:


“Howard said, ‘Let’s do it for the fans who have been there for 23 years, who are growing with you and love your band and get you and your bigger-picture ideas, but let’s also make it accessible for other listeners and fans.”


Recently split from Atlantic Records, P.O.D. is currently on tour in Europe, but has US tour dates booked as well.

POD Islander summer 2015 tour poster


P.O.D. US tour dates:

Jun 14: The Bear’s Big Growl 4

W/ Buckcherry – Hinder South Bend, IN

Jun 16: Shakas – Virginia Beach, VA

Jun 17: Ziggy’s By The Sea – Wilmington, VA

Jun 19: Blue Fox – Winchester, VA

Jun 20: 95x Fest – Pennellville, NY

Jun 21: The Paramount – Huntington, NY

Jun 22: The Altar Bar – Pittsburgh, PA

Jun 24: Piere’s Entertainment Center – Fort Wayne, IN

Jun 26: Tail Creek Mud Music Festival – Alix, CAN

Jun 27: Stars & Stripes Festival – Sterling Heights, MI

Jun 28: Q&Z Expo Center – Ringle, WI

Jun 30: Majestic Theater w/ Islander, From Ashes – Madison, WI

Jul 02: The Castle Theatre – Bloomington, IL

Jul 03: Dream Makers Theater – Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Jul 04: Carver County Fairgrounds – Waconia, MN

Jul 07: The ‘O’RIGINAL – Minot, ND

Jul 09: District Bar & Grill – Rockford, IL

Jul 10: Common Ground Music Festival – Lansing, MI

Jul 11: The Watering Hole – Green Bay, WI

Jul 12: Val Air Ballroom w/ Hoobastank – West Des Moines, IA

Jul 14: Marathon Music Works w/ Islander, From Ashes – Nashville, TN

Jul 15: Festival Of The Lakes – Hammond, IN

Jul 16: Pop’s – Sauget, IL

Jul 17: The Odeon – Cleveland, OH

Jul 18: Mickey’s Bar & Grill – Lancaster, OH

Aug 02: Grassroots Music Festival – Council Bluffs, IA

Aug 07: Guitars Under The Stars – Lebanon, OR

Oct 24: Aftershock 2015 – Elverta, CA