Audio: Rapheumets Well – Planetary Cenotaph, New Album In March

Rapheumets Well The Exile albumm cover ghostcultmag

Rapheumets Well from North Carolina releasing new album The Exile on March 18th through Test Your Metal Records. The first single, ‘Planetary Cenotaph’ is a chaotic wall of sound. You can hear the track at this link or below:


Drummer Joshua Ward comments on the single:

“Planetary Cenotaph, being the last song on the album, was a bit “challenging” for us in terms of composition as we write the music to the story. The main character just destroyed an entire planet. Due to his immortal “curse” he is floating in the stellar remnants of his home-world. While his body is reforming and he is adrift he has a lot of time to think. His wife wife and kids were murdered, his empire betrayed him, he was tortured, he has seen some very wild stuff. He is processing the events in a very numb and displaced way. The emotions of the song actually came from the deaths of family members of the band recently. In the last two years we lost four parents and a grandparent, all within months of each other. So, this became a memorial song to them while keeping to the context of the story. What better way for us to honor someone than to write a metal song!”

The Exile track listing

1. Resurrecting The Blood Gate (4:44)
2. The Blight of Sotath Shal (3:53)
3. The Epic of Darmak (4:59)
4. Crucible of Titans (4:14)
5. Resurgence (6:07)
6. Witch of Dark Spire (5:17)
7. The Exile (6:13)
8. Planetary Cenotaph (5:05)


Hibria – Hibria

Hibria self titled album cover 2015


Brazil’s Hibria have released their new self-titled album from Test Your Metal Records, fifth in their discography. After having experimenting with their sound with their past release Hibria have returned more to their expected power metal influence though we are treated to heavy grit at times. Iuri Sanson’s soaring vocals backed up by technical guitar solos and drumming really help Hibria stand up against many of the other power metal bands through out the world. Songs such as the first track, ‘Pain’, are evidence of them looking to stand out even more. Much like your average heavy/power metal song until you get past the shredding guitar solo. The guitar work gets a bit more of a groove as it is then accompanied by what sounds like saxophones and trumpets. Unexpected and enjoyable. A risk that definitely paid off.

Abel Carmargo and Renato Osorio’s guitar work help the album as a whole grab the listener’s attention. No shortage of great riffs and technical solos. Whether it‘s high flying power metal or a more aggressive pounding, these two don‘t disappoint. ‘Tightrope’ has just flashes of a thrash vibe to it showing Hibria can definitely play material more aggressive. ‘Legacy’ is purely to showcase their ability to be a pure headbanger. The problem is I find the track to be the most underwhelming on the album. Especially Iuri Sanson‘s attempt at harsh vocals. Overall a disappointing track.

It’s a solid album. I also enjoyed their risk of incorporating the use of saxophones and trumpets during a guitar solo, albeit it felt a bit silly. It may be a bit unique, but not unique enough from other heavy/power metal acts.