Terror Universal – Make Them Bleed

Before you listen to Terror Universal’s Make Them Bleed (Minus Head) make sure to take a good look at the album for a minute or two. Approach this experiment as a Heavy Metal Rorschach test. What do you see? How does it make you feel? I see four blokes that look like they walked off the set of Max Landis’ latest “masterwork” Bright. Then I hopped on the Wayback Machine and was transported to the wild west that was the nu-metal years. Continue reading

Terror Universal Introduce New Frontman Plague

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Terror Universal (Ill Nino, etc)have introduced their new frontman ‘Plague,’ who replaced Chad ‘Rott’ Armstrong, following allegations of sexual assault made against him by Otep vocalist Otep Shamaya.

The band posted a statement on the newest addition:

First and foremost, we are very excited to welcome our new singer “PLAGUE” to the TERROR UNIVERSAL family and introduce…

Posted by Terror Universal on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Terror Universal Frontman Issues Statement Against Claims Of Sexual Assault


Terror Universal frontman Chad “Rott” Armstrong posted a statement, defending himself against the recent allegations of sexual assault from Otep frontwoman Otep Shamaya.

I’m Chad Armstrong, singer from Terror Universal. Let me start by saying that I am here to set the record straight, once and for all, state the facts, and my side of the story.
These are facts; Otep has ZERO proof of these allegations, and accusations. There is NO police report. There’s NO video. She waited 30 days to announce her allegations on social media.
This is exactly how the incident happened. I was walking out of the club to go back to the hotel, as Otep was doing her meet and greet. She was standing on a table, and as walked by I tapped her on the leg, and said “good night Otep”.. That’s when she freaked out, yelling and screaming at me, and yelled at 2 security guards to “escort” me out. The security guards were just as confused as I was, we discussed what had just happened for a bit and I left.
Now let me ask you this; she claims I barreled through her hundreds of fans, and assaulted her? And the utterly false accusations about the two fingers, how does someone do that when a person is wearing pants? She claims I grabbed all of her band member’s genitals, to further distort the truth, which is absolutely false, and disgusting to even say….
Otep has a very strong social media presence, via Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr, instagram, etc… She knows her fan base, and she knew that by using keywords like “molester” and “rapist” she would incite a maniacal frenzy within her fan base, that would be directed towards me. How could I even try to defend myself in a social media war with Otep and her fans? Otep is a seasoned veteran at this sort of thing, and she has about half a million followers on facebook, intagram, twitter, etc…
I’ve received multiple threats of bodily harm and even death by Otep’s supporters. All of which were based on hearsay. Is this justice? No, this is more like a witch trial.
I have been subject to defamation of character and slander in the worst way. These are very serious accusations that I do not appreciate, and would never want my son or daughter to have to read on the internet one day. All I want to do is clear my name and go about my business. Thanks to all my friends & family throughout these terrible allegations.
Chad Armstrong“


Posted by Terror Universal on Saturday, March 28, 2015

OTEP, Terror Universal and Thira Book West Coast Tour In February


OTEP, Terror Universal and Thira have booked a West Coast run. Confirmed dates are posted below.

Feb 07: Lost On Main – Chico, CA
Feb 09: Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
Feb 10: The Big Dipper – Spokane, WA
Feb 11: Hawthorne Theater – Portland, OR
Feb 13: The Whisky A-Go-Go – Los Angeles, CA
Feb 14: M15 Concert Bar – Corona, CA
Feb 15: The Hood Bar – Palm Desert, CA
Feb 16: The Soda Bar – San Diego, CA

otep whisky

Terror Universal (Machine Head, Ill Nino, Soulfly) Streaming “Welcome To Hell”

terror universal

Terror Universal has made their song “Welcome To Hell” available as a free download here. Read about it here.  “Welcome To Hell” is mixed by Eddie Wohl (Anthrax, Cradle Of Filth, Ill Nino). The track is cut from the band’s upcoming EP, Reign of Terror, and can also be experienced via lyric video format here:

Born in a dark galaxy of terror, Horror Metal cannibals TERROR UNIVERSAL, featuring current and former members of Machine Head, Ill Nino, and Soulfly are announcing their imminent and horrendous takeover!

TERROR UNIVERSAL just wrapped up their first European tour (Nov/Dec 2014), supporting ILL NINO, and will be soon announcing international and U.S. tour dates for 2015.

Vocals: ROTT
Lead Guitar: DIABOLUS
Guitars: THRAX

Terror is coming your way… stay tuned for more details on the band, their upcoming EP, and new tour dates soon. As for the humans behind the masks… keep your eyes peeled…

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