EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Terminalist – “Relentless Alteration”

Danish Tech-Thrash band Terminalist will release their debut full-length album, The Great Acceleration, May 7th on LP (limited to 300 black and 100 red copies), cassette, and digital formats on the Indisciplinarian Records label. Pre-orders are now available through the Indisciplinarian webshop at the link below. The self-described HyperThrash band is at times progressive, brutal, and unrelentingly fast. You can check out the bands’ new single and video for “Relentless Alteration” below only at Ghost Cult:

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Black Fast – Spectre of Ruin

In the nearly forty years of thrash metal history, there have been a lot of changes to the sonic map. Aggression, Ferocity. Nihilism. Angst. Triumph. Agony. These are some of the ingredients that fueled our collective fires and stoked this furnace ever since. Fifteen years ago, there was a mini-movement of “neo-thrash” bands in love with the classic style and maybe marrying in a more late 80s crossover flavor as well. Newer bands were born, and while some died on the vine, other had come to rise. One such band is Black Fast, From the toughness of their St. Louis roots to their never compromising style, they have been trying to carve a truly original piece of the landscape for themselves. On their new album Spectre of Ruin (eOne), they have finally moved away from the pack.Continue reading

Havok – Darkest Hour – Cephalic Carnage – Harlott: Live at Camden Underworld, London


Thrash has long been perfected on record. Indeed, it’s hard to justify owning many Thrash records made post-Rust in Peace. Live, however, is a different beast entirely. Continue reading