Pound – Pound

Although hardly a recent phenomenon, duos are still quite the novelty in rock and metal. While often lazily lumped into that category, acts such as Satyricon, Anaal Nathrakh, and Alcest tend to utilise session musicians when it comes time to record or tour, while those who operate strictly within the parameters of two permanent members and nobody else are still pretty much a rarity in the field. However, thanks to the likes of doomsters Mantar, and Eagle Twin, the drone pair of Nadja, synthwave crew Zombi, and space-rockers Black Asteroids, there does seem to be an apparent rise in the number of genuine duos. Continue reading

Hybrid Sheep – Hail To The Beast

Formed in 2008 by friends Alex, André, Jordan, Max and Arnaud, and hailing from Haute Savoie in France, the amusingly named Hybrid Sheep return with their second full-length album, Hail to the Beast (Tenacity Music). Continue reading