ALBUM REVIEW: Exocrine – The Hybrid Sons


Strap yourselves in, folks.

Exocrine, the progressive technical death metal goliaths hailing from France have penned an absolutely earth-shattering colossus that redefines the term “heavy” and wholeheartedly challenged this author to find enough synonyms to accurately depict the sheer destructive chaos The Hybrid Suns (Unique Leader) leaves in its wake.

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ALBUM REVIEW: DeathFuckingCunt – Decadent Perversity

Australians know a thing or two about Pop Punk, and DeathFuckingCunt are no strangers to the scene, with their hummable hooks and heart-warming verses.

Of course not.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Carcass – Immolation – Creeping Death Live at The Vogue

Carcass is closing the books on their Spring tour with Immolation and Creeping Death this week. Starting out in Austin, Texas and culminating at what might be the final Maryland Deathfest, I caught up to them at The Vogue in Indianapolis.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Tómarúm – Ash In Realms Of Stone Icons

Tómarúm is a band tailor-made for extensive, elaborate compositions, overflowing with equal parts technicality and atmospherics. The Georgia-based progressive black metal group put the general public on notice with their scintillating debut full-length, Ash In Realms Of Stone Icons (Prosthetic). Just as each glance at the album cover (courtesy of Mariusz Lewandowski) presents new findings, so to does each listen trigger new emotions.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Cognitive, Hath, Moniasin, Torturous Inception – Live at Sovereign Smokehouse

A night of heavy metal descended upon the intimate Brooklyn venue, Sovereign Smokehouse, as technical death metal five-piece Cognitive kicked off their tour, rolling into town with fellow New Jersey death metallers Hath and two New York City bands, Moniasin, and Torturous Inception.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Immolation – Demolition Hammer – Black Anvil – Mortician – Funeral Leech Live at Irving Plaza

This is the most New York show I’ve been to in a long while. It felt like one big local show. That’s what happens when all five bands come from here. That being said, this show started earlier, doors at the renovated Irving Plaza were at 6 pm. or 1800 for non-Americans. Every few steps you ran into someone you knew. I saw a lot of faces that this was their first show since you know what. It’s rare to see in metal shows nowadays but this show had a host! Bassist extraordinaire, Dan Lilker from Nuclear Assault and Brutal Truth fame. MCed the whole night.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Wayfarer – Artificial Brain – Glorious Depravity: Live at Saint Vitus Bar

Locals Glorious Depravity featuring members of Woe, Mutilation Rites and Pyhrron started the night off, the last time we checked in with them was shortly before shit hit the fan with the pandemic and this was their first show back since and damn they have tightened up and worked out the kinks. Looking forward to what they have in store for us in the future.

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INTERVIEW: Frank Albanese of Hath Talks “All That Was Promised” and Leveling Up

Ghost Cult caught up with Frank Albanese of Hath to discuss their new album “All That Was Promised” – out now on Willowtip Records. Frank and Keefy delved into the history of the band, how it became a full-fledged unit, the maturation process of the writing in the band, Frank’s assessment of his vocals, the producing talents of drummer, AJ Viana, working with Willowtip Records, touring, music videos, the album artwork, and much more!

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ALBUM REVIEW: Allegaeon – Damnum

Simply put: Allegaeon manifested 10 dizzying tracks of utter brilliance; gave (further) proof the band is profusely proficient as a whole and individually; and created a Technical Melodic Death Metal album packed with so much aggression and speed, it sounds like Monster fornicated with Red Bull.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Immolation – Acts of God

Even though Immolation have been around from the dawn of death metal, the New York four-piece have never enjoyed the same level of prominence as many of their peers. Debut album Dawn of Possession (R/C Records) is still widely regarded as one of the finest examples of the genre but the 1991 release also remains a millstone around the band’s neck, the general consensus being that, no matter how hard they try, their illustrious debut will never be bettered.

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