PODCAST: Episode 126: John Connolly of Sevendust on “Blood and Stone”

Ghost Cult’s Keefy caught up with John Connolly of Sevendust to chat about their new album, Blood and Stone, releasing on October 23rd, 2020 via Rise Records. We discussed the making of the new album, releasing new music during this uncertain time, the more adult themes of the band’s music these days, how the band approaches songwriting, working with producer Elvis Baskette, the decision to cover Soundgarden’s “The Day I Tried To Live” and how they almost didn’t go through with it and more. Purchase the album here and listen to our chat right now.

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Watch Small Town Titans Cover Soundgarden’s Spoonman

Small Town Titans, who have already shown to be impressive on their own merits with their originals, have turned in a great cover of Soundgarden’s classic track ‘Spoonman’. They dropped the track and an official performance video in tribute to the legendary band for their album Superunknown, which turned 24 years old on March 8th. Continue reading

In Search Of Sun – The World Is Yours


It normally takes a good ten years or so before you get a renaissance of a dead, buried and creatively exsanguinated genre, so it’s hard to tell if In Search Of Sun are spearheading a new (or should that be nu-) generation of alternative metal or if they missed the wake while they were in the midst of rebranding themselves from groove-metalcore outfit Driven in favour of a more honest, rockier sound.

Launching with a promising Tremonti-esque building intro to the opener and title-track, The World Is Yours (Raging Demon), their first full length, kicks off by showing a hand that will repeat itself throughout the album, the heavier commencement, dialling it back down for a shuffling verse to give room to Adam Leader’s decent half-shouted, half-crooned vocals that call to mind a gruff take on the legendary pipes of John Bush, particularly on ’51 56’, before bringing the guitars in heavier on an understated chorus.

So far so good, but while the concept is decent you won’t win a game of poker playing the same hand the same way, unless it’s a Royal Flush. With little distinction between the songs evident, and the parts of each song each so similar with rung out guitars and a stolid mid-pace throughout, this is more of a Ten/Jack hand and The World Is Yours runs out of steam at about mid-point, eventually seeming like one 48 minute long increasingly more boring song that never quite gets going.

There are moments of promise, but they lack the catchiness or quirkiness of Breaking Benjamin (I can’t believe I just used Breaking Benjamin in a positive light, I’m going to kill my brother for subjecting me to them over the years), the energy and swagger of a Soil, the class or distinctiveness of an Alter Bridge and don’t even come anywhere near close to the depth of a Superunknown (A&M).

Ultimately, while they may be In Search Of Sun, the London quintet never reach the light.


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