Ichor – Hadal Ascending

Advancing the concept the band began on their 2010 album Benthic Horizon (Bastardized Recordings), German Death Metallers and HP Lovecraft enthusiasts Ichor return with their fourth full-length release, Hadal Ascending (Unholy Conspiracy/Wooargh) to continue the story of a devastated deep-sea world occupied by mystical beings and lurking sub-aquatic horrors. Continue reading

Sulphur Aeon Streaming “Diluvial Ascension – Gateway To The Antisphere”Music Video

sulphur aeon

German death metallers Sulphur Aeon is streaming the music video for “Diluvial Ascension – Gateway To The Antisphere” below. The song is off their sophomore album Gateway To The Antisphere, out April 3, 2015 via Imperium Productions and Van Records.

The album was produced by Simon Werner who was already responsible for the sound of the previous recordings of the band, and the result is a catastrophic and instantly memorable work of extreme metal art. Fifty-two minutes of debilitating yet enthralling, black-tinged, Lovecraftian death suck the listener in like an inescapable vortex, as visually depicted in the mind-blowing cover artwork (with the emphasis on “art”) was created by Ola Larsson.

Gateway To The Antisphere Track Listing:
1. …To Drown This World
2. Devotion To The Cosmic Chaos
3. Titans
4. Calls From Below
5. Abysshex
6. Diluvial Ascension – Gateway To The Antisphere
7. He Is The Gate
8. Seventy Steps
9. Onwards… Towards Kadath
10. Into The Courts Of Azathoth
11. Conclusion

T – guitars, bass
D – drums
M – vocals

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