CONCERT REVIEW: Defiant – Suicide Puppets – Lasciate – Ultraviolent at XL Live

Like all fans of live music, going without a show for over a year has been something I never expected. The anticipation, the energy, making instant friends with the fans around you, and feeling the music in every fiber of your being is an experience like none other. When XL Live in Harrisburg, PA announced their return to live shows, I was not sure how the new normal would change the aspects that compel us to attend.

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Suicide Puppets to Perform Live Streaming Charity Concert Supporting Operation Build Up!


You have seen us cover the Pennsylvania band Suicide Puppets in these webpages before, most recently supporting 69 Eyes and Wednesday 13 live. The band has announced a super cool charity show, to be live-streamed Saturday, June 6th! The show benefits an amazing charity for veterans, Operation Build Up, a veteran-owned, nonprofit organization that helps out veterans in need of transportation. Twi members of the band, Veritas and Steven Suicide are both veterans, this cause is very close to home for the band. Sponsoring the event are PA Musician Magazine, Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame, and Goblin Alchemy. The band will offer special merch bundles to fans benefitting the cause as well. More info can be found below!

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CONCERT REVIEW: The 69 Eyes – Wednesday 13- Sumo Cyco – Suicide Puppets: Live at Reverb

The anticipation of the crowd was building for the show to begin. This was the moment they had patiently waited for. The final show of the run for The 69 Eyes, Wednesday 13, Sumo Cyco, and special guests the Suicide Puppets would happen here at the Reverb in Reading, PA.Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Suicide Puppets – Live at Racehorse Tavern

Fresh off their win at the 1st annual Central Pennsylvania Music Awards (CMPA) for Best Metal Band, the Suicide Puppets made their debut at the Racehorse Tavern in Thomasville, Pennsylvania, in early February. The six-man local band from certainly delivered to an appreciative crowd. The band originally started years ago with Twisty Suicide and Jonny Suicide, under the name Fine Art of Hate. After some lineup changes, they changed the name to the Suicide Puppets in 2007 and Veritas Suicide joined them to become a three-piece. Not long after, Steven Suicide, Donnie, and Tattuicide joined to round out the current lineup which is a recipe that works well for them. Continue reading