Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger Turns 25


Submitted for your approval, the year is 1991. Already a bang up year for monumental rock and metal releases, Soundgarden releases Badmotorfinger on the now defunct A&M records sets the heavy music world on its ear. Sure in the climate where Nirvana’sNevermind was climbing the charts and Metallica’sBlack Album” was already a legit hit too. Residing right in the middle, just as the “Seattle” craze was capturing people wad Soundgarden. That Badmotorfinger would go on to be the defining moment in their career wasn’t a surprise considering their history.

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Editor of the Beast – An Interview With Ian Christe of Bazillion Points


If you grew up in the early days of metal, there were no books about the genre. After Ian Christe wrote Sound of the Beast in 2003, he was still surprised at the lack of good books about underground music written or found anywhere. Undeterred, he founded Bazillion Points Publishing in Brooklyn, NY in 2008 and has helped put out the most authoritative books on thrash, black metal, death metal, prog, metal, glam and hardcore punk ever. Also he has put out other books that examined the cultural and political impact of metal on society, giving our community the respect few mainstream publishers ever would dare to. Ian is also well known as an authority on metal, often interviewed for documentaries, and for his own Sirius XM Radio shows. With Bazillion Points celebrating five years of existence, we chatted with him to get the inside story. Continue reading