ALBUM REVIEW: …And Oceans – As In Gardens, So In Tombs

From crediting ventriloquist dummies with vocal performances to a former singer whose stage wear involved blue paint and a dress, it’s safe to say that Finnish act …And Oceans has a rather unique history. Starting life as a symphonic black metal act, guitarist and founder member Timo Kontio moved the band towards a more industrial sound before eventually choosing to alter their name accordingly. After releasing one full-length album as Havoc Unit, Kontio returned to the band’s original name and style in 2017, reuniting with former axe partner Teemu Saari along the way.Continue reading

Blackguard Shares New Single, “By My Hand”, Featuring Morgan Lander of Kittie

As Ghost Cult previously broke the news, Blackguard is back! The much-missed Canadian Melodic Death Metal band is releasing their new album Storm, and booking new shows! Now you can hear their first new single ‘By My Hand’, featuring their ally Morgan Lander of Kittie! The band has shared a visualizer for the track on their Facebook, which you can watch below!Continue reading

Blackguard Announces Comeback Album, First New Concert Booked In Four Years

As we broke the news last week, Blackguard has returned! The band melodic death metal band announced their first show in over four years and plans to independently release their long-awaited fourth studio album Storm in 2019. This is the follow-up to their 2011 full-length Firefight on Victory Records and 2009’s Profugus Mortis released on Sumerian and Nuclear Blast. More information to follow on the release of Storm. Their first show back will be at Coalition in Toronto on March 22nd with Crimson Shadows (Napalm Records) and Borealis (AFM Records). This news is awesome since Blackguard was one of the most talented, and heavy bands of the early part of the last decade before going on hiatus. Continue reading

King Of Asgard – :taudr:

Sitting somewhere between an EP and a full-length album, :taudr: (Trollmusic) is the newest release by Swedish Viking enthusiasts King of Asgard. Featuring five tracks focusing mainly on death and the afterlife, this latest record follows on from their 2014 release, Karg (Metal Blade) and continues, rather unsurprisingly, in the same Nordic/Black/Folk Metal vein as before.Continue reading