Static-X and Dope’s Gear Stolen at Height of The Coronavirus Quarantine

Terrible news as Static-X, on the verge of releasing their comeback album, have filed a police report with the LAPD, siting that their warehouse space (which is also shared with the band Dope) was recently robbed of nearly 200K worth of touring equipment during the Coronavirus lockdown. The two bands were advised to take the story public, in order to help raise awareness with other small business owners and bands alike.The band has publicized a list of stolen equipment, complete with many of the serial numbers. The list includes: Multiple LED video panels, 2 drum kits, 40+ cymbals, various high-end audio/video gear, microphones, racks, branded backdrops, etc. The two bands have also set up a tip center where you can share any info that may help in the investigation.Continue reading

Ozzy Osbourne Still Offering $25000 a Reward for Stolen Randy Rhoads Gear

In a story we have been following, irreplaceable instruments owned by Heavy Metal legend Randy Rhoads from the Musonia School Of Music in North Hollywood, CA on Thanksgiving night (November 28). Even though some of the things were found in a dumpster near from where they were robbed, some items are still missing, Ozzy Osbourne is still offering a $25,000 reward for items still not recovered. Continue reading

Yob Bassist Has Amp Stolen, Seeks Help In Recovery

Stories of bands getting robbed of their gear while on tour are becoming all too prevalent, and are often devastating. More so when a theft occurs on your home turf. Yob bassist Aaron Rieseberg had his amp stolen from his vehicle today, his prized and rare Road 440. He posted to his Facebook account in a plea for people to be on the lookout for those trying to sell the stolen amp. Any help to Aaron or Yob is greatly appreciated, and we hope this irreplaceable piece of equipment finds its way back to him. Continue reading