Thulsa Doom – A Keen Eye for the Obvious

The issue with Thulsa Doom’s A Keen Eye for the Obvious (Stickman) is the same I share with regards possible “significant others”: lack of commitment. In Thulsa Doom’s case, they have produced a rock album that doesn’t want to fully embrace gritty riffs and hot leads and that doesn’t become totally engulfed in catchy melodies. As far as my shortcomings, I don’t need long-term relationships. My cats and I are doing just fine.Continue reading

First Ever East Coast Ride For Dime Concert Goes Down Tomorrow

For the first time ever annual charity event and concert Ride For Dime takes place in New Jersey as The East Coast Tri-State chapter taking place at Starland Ballroom on Saturday, August 26th. Among the bands playing Thy Will Be Done, Silvertomb, Frost Coalition, Black Water Rising, IKILLYA, Alekhine’s Gun, Hammerfight, Lethal Affection, Negative Sky, Common Wealth, Throwdown Syndicate, Kalopsia, Whiskey Time Machine, Palaceburn, Apparition and Enigma Machine. More details below: Continue reading