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Striker – Stand In The Fire

Striker Stand in the Fire album cover 2016 ghostcultmag

I’ve always enjoyed the era from eighties to the early nineties when it comes to metal. It was truly a period that defined itself as a sound between the guitar squeals and vocal screams. As time went on there’s been a lot of material that has come out that has been amazing, but seemed to have abandoned the old sound and feel. Now enter Stand In The Fire (Record Breaking Records), the latest release by Striker from Edmonton. From the opening drums of ‘Phoenix Lights’, there is no mistake that their intention is to make you fall in love with metal all over again.

The title track ‘Stand In The Fire’ leaps from the speakers like frontman Dan Cleary himself leaps and bounds energetically across the stage. ‘The Iron Never’ Lies kicks off with precision juggling between drummer Adam Brown and guitarist Tim Brown. In the all instrumental track ‘Escape From Shred City’, Tim even gives both Steve Vai and John 5 a run for their money on the fretboard. ‘United’ fires off as a war cry piercing the soul with the message that nothing has or will tear them apart. This track is the crown jewel of the album.

Finishing as strongly as they started ‘One Life’ dizzies the senses vocally and instrumentally until the last note fades away. While the older metal sound may seem less relevant to some of the newer metal heads, most will appreciate having the classic sound still around and being done right. I know I certainly do.



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