Mallory Knox – Asymmetrically Challenged

mallory knox 2015 has been a relatively productive year for UK alternative rockers Mallory Knox, after spending the first half of the year venturing into new territories after making noise within their home country since their inception in 2009.

At the time of this interview, the band just completed the first date of the Vans Warped Tour across North America, and over a 55 day span, they will be on one of the longest treks under a variety of climates across the country.

Frontman Mikey Chapman shared his thoughts on touring across the United States. “It’s interesting because obviously America is the most looked upon country in the world. You get your own ideas about what America will be like and predispositions about how things are here. The most exciting thing for me is destroying those ideas. I thoroughly love the people of America. They’re some of the sweetest, most inquisitive lovely people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. It’s fantastic. We love it here.”

They also just released their latest album Asymmetry, their second album over and first for the North American audience.

“We actually dropped it a few days ago,” explains Chapman. “We released it in the UK a little while ago. We’re really excited to get out over here. There’s some great fans already in the US and we want to expand on that. It’s something we can keep working on and eventually come over and do our own headline tour. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get music out here. I think the American people will like it. I really do. It’s just getting them to hear it. That’s the trick.”

Prior to this run, they kept busy with touring across the pond, as well as making their debut on US soil. “Before South By Southwest, we did the world tour with Pierce the Veil and Sleeping With Sirens. Then we came back for a few days for South By Southwest. That was our last time over year so it’s nice to be back,” he explained. “We went home for a little while. It got to the point where I went a bit stir crazy at home because we did so much at the start of the year and kind of getting back to normality in our quiet little village in the middle of nowhere. It was a bit of culture shock.”

Mallory Knox. Photo Credit: Sammy Roenfeldt (via MK Facebook page)

Mallory Knox. Photo Credit: Sammy Roenfeldt (via MK Facebook page)

Much like many bands on their maiden Warped Tour voyage, word has spread about the experiences being tough, especially due to long travel days and working under extreme heat on many of the tour’s stops. Plus being from the UK, they learned quickly how to adapt and were up for the challenges.

Bassist Sam Douglas had a quite interesting perspective, especially being this was the first date of the Vans Warped Tour. “It’s been stressful for us so far. We can talk about the heat and us being pale British men. It’s going to be a shock and very warm. We’ve had a few things happen with our merchandise and first day problems, but I’m sure we’ll get to the swing of things pretty soon. It’s unique and it’s something I’ve always wanted to…even when I was 15 the dream was always Warped. To be here, it’s a weird thing. You wake up and you don’t know what time you’re going to play. So that’s a completely unique experience. It keeps you on your feet and makes you not want to drink so much at night. You never know what time you’re going to play.”

They explain the differences between tackling the challenges of performing on UK fests such as Download Festival or Reading and Leeds, versus the Vans Warped Tour. Not that either is an easy task but each one comes with its own set that is approached a bit differently.

“I think the fact that it’s a touring festival is something we don’t have. We don’t have a big enough country to do something like that on that scale. The fact that there’s 800 people on this tour and that itself is an insane amount of people to be traveling across the country together,” said Douglas.

“The fact that there’s so many stages and…70 bands is it? It’s crazy! To tour something like that for 50 days is…it’s an iconic festival. In the UK, I don’t think we could do it because there’s not enough places to go. That’s probably the difference.”

Chapman added, “The crowds are bigger. They are back home too. You’re looking at 16,000 people here, as back home you’re looking at 100,000 people at Reading and Leeds or at Download. In terms of scale, it’s slated but the ethos still rings true. It’s about having a good time.”

While being on this tour, the two of them have their lists of bands they would love to catch. Each one had their respective wish lists of who they will be seeing and spending their time bonding with. “I’ve been a huge fan of Transit for a few years. I’ve never been able to see them live,” said Douglas. “At some point I’d like to go check them out. I’d like to check out our friends in Moose Blood, who we took out in the UK a few months back. It was their first time ever out there and their record’s done pretty well.”

“Pvris obviously and Pierce the Veil – two bands we’ve toured with recently. We’re really close with those guys. It will be nice to spend a whole lot more time with them and see how much they’ve come along the past few months. It’s such a great opportunity to hang out with so many bands. We’re looking forward to just as much making new friends as seeing old ones,” added Chapman.

Chapman shared his secrets on being British and enjoying the sun. “The vast majority of British people have resigned to not getting tans. We appreciate it. It’s great for other people but maybe not so much for us. I think us particularly we’re not ones for tanning. I don’t know…I might go a little bit for darker…” “I’m definitely not geared up [for it]. I’m one shade away from see through.”

By Rei Nishimoto

Henry Rollins Speaks About Lead Role In He Never Died, His Future

henry rollins he never died 1

Henry Rollins recently did an extensive interview with Dan Solomon of FastCompany about his acting role in the indie comedic horror film He Never Died, which was directed by Jason Krawczyk, and screened at South By Southwest. Rollins plays the character Jack, which is his first lead role in a movie.

henry rollins he never died 2

Some of the highlights from the interview include:

On acting in his first lead role in a movie:

“I felt no pressure—I just couldn’t wait to get in there every day and do it.”

“If I’m prepared, if I’ve really put the time in, I can’t wait to show you the work I’ve done. I don’t like being nervous about stuff—life’s too short—so I just burn hours and hours of time in preparation. I saw this script at the end of 2012, and we started shooting at the end of 2013, so I had a year to prepare. By the time we hit it, I was just telling the director, Jason, how I think my guy should be. ‘Man, you’ve done your work—go. Don’t ask me, just hit it.’ I had really worked my ass off to prepare, so I’m not dragging the team. It was a joy.”

He added:

“I memorize the whole page, so I just act in the totality of that moment. I want to be aware of everything that’s going to happen—how I’m sitting, where my shoulders are going to go. If you watch a film, you can tell if the actors aren’t familiar with these lines because they’re telegraphing. ‘You’re not at ease with your character! You just did that with your head, you don’t know what you’re doing!’ I don’t want to be that guy, so I go in trying to know every tree in the forest.”

henry rollings he never died poster

On his future beyond acting:

“I’m 54, and I’ve been winging it for dinner since I was 20.”

“It’s all until the deal is up—I’ve never had a sure thing except my audience, and they can leave at any time. If they see something brighter, shinier, younger, they can be like, ‘Hey man, love ya!’ And I hear you—thanks for everything. My life is a big maybe, and you have to be looking up for the next vine to grab and swing from.”

On his current life:

“I like moving around, what I don’t like is another day at the office. Another day of ‘I’m going to the grocery store again, Starbucks every Friday night to write something for LA Weekly.’ It’s a rut. I might as well work at Staples. I’m not putting that down, but also—just get a cubicle, start breeding, get all normal? I don’t wanna. If I can’t do anything else, I get my passport and I leave. I travel. I’ve been to 86 countries. Last year, Thanksgiving, the whole entertainment industry is all going to a sunny beach, so I can get up and go, no one wants me for anything. I write for LA Weekly, I can dial that in from anywhere. The radio shows are done in advance. I went to Central Asia and kicked it in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan for a month and a half, saw a million mosques, and froze my ass off. But I’m on the move and I’m taking photos, I’m talking to people, I’m interviewing people about arranged marriages and Stalin and Islam and how all that comes together, and it was fascinating, amazing. It’s not sitting at home. ‘One more episode of Scandal!’ That, to me, is like—” Rollins simulates a barf sound.

henry rollins he never died 3

On what motivates him:

“Showing up on a set at some obscene hour of the morning and getting your ass kicked by Ron Perlman, like having to really burn lean tissue? That’s as good as being on tour or traveling, because you’re engaged every day in burning lean mineral tissue making something, and that’s what I truly crave.”

“I love those moments. If I had a Sons of Anarchy-like TV thing, I’d take it. Maybe 20 years ago, I would have said, ‘I’m rock and roll, man, fuck you.’ But I did rock and roll. I murdered it. I can’t do it anymore. I did as much as I could with it, and now I want to do some other things. I like something where I can keep coming back to build something—it would be great to have done parts two and three of a film, or three seasons of a TV show, where you’re like, ‘I did that, man.’ It took three years to realize that.”

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Watch the movie trailer below.

he never died movie

Dead Earth Politics Announce Upcoming Show

dead earth politics 3

Austin, TX metallers Dead Earth Politics will be appearing at the Texas Independence Fest after performing at South By Southwest this past week. They are supporting their newest EP Men Become Gods, the second of three EPs that began with last year’s acclaimed The Queen of Steel.

Apr 10-12: Empire Control Room & Garage – Austin, TX (Texas Independence Fest)

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War On Women Announce South By Southwest Show, Upcoming Anti Flag Tour Dates

war on women 2

Baltimore hardcore outfit War On Women will be supporting Anti Flag on a string of upcoming shows, which includes an appearance at South By Southwest and Spillover Fest in Dallas, TX. They are promoting their debut self titled full length release, produced by J. Robbins at the Magpie Cage (Against Me!, Coliseum, Lemuria) and out now via Bridge9.

Mar 21: BD Riley’s – Austin, TX (SXSW 11pm)
Mar 22: Spillover Festival – Dallas, TX
May 14: South Gate House – Newport, KY (w/ Anti Flag, The Homeless Gospel Choir)
May 15: Fubar – St. Louis, MO (w/ Anti Flag, The Homeless Gospel Choir)
May 17: The Record Bar – Kansas City, MO (w/ Anti Flag, The Homeless Gospel Choir)
May 18: Wooly’s – Des Moines, IA (w/ Anti Flag, The Homeless Gospel Choir)
May 20: Aggie Theatre – Ft. Collins, CO (w/ Anti Flag, The Homeless Gospel Choir)
May 21: The Marquis Theater – Denver, CO (w/ Anti Flag, The Homeless Gospel Choir)

war on women sxswanti flag war on women tour

Unlocking The Truth Seeks Exit From Sony Music Deal

unlocking the truth

Unlocking The Truth are reportedly seeking to exit their $1.8 million dollar recording contract with Sony Music they signed last year. At the March 14th screening their Breaking A Monster documentary screening, band guitarist/singer Malcolm Brickhouse revealed they were seeking to sever ties with Sony due to “complications.”

Band drummer Jarad Dawkins said:

“Our attorneys are in the process of us exiting the label.”

When pressed for further details, he offered:

“We can’t discuss the complications. But complications — that’s what I can tell you.”

The band was formed by Brickhouse and his seventh grade friends Dawkins and bassist Alec Atkins started performing instrumental metal in 2010, and by the summer of 2013 they began performing regularly. Sony Music signs them to a multiple album deal, if sales figures are met, could land them $1.8 million.

Within the interview, it states about the band’s rise following on YouTube with the band’s performances in Times Square to band manager Alan Sacks signing the group and orchestrating their deal with Sony Music. But it also shows the friction between the band and Sacks, as well as with their label, and at meeting with their label presenting the trio as cartoon characters resembling “The Boondocks”, amongst other objections.

The band is scheduled to perform at South By Southwest, where they just performed this past Tuesday. No word on other previously scheduled live appearances at this time.

unlocking the truth sxsw

Plowboy Records Announces South By Southwest Schedule

plowboy sxsw showcase

Set times for Plowboy Records South By Southwest Show has been confirmed. For a complete schedule of Cheetah Chrome’s South By Southwest appearance, visit here. For the Ghost Wolves, please visit here.

PLOWBOY RECORDS SHOWCASE // The Saxon Pub // Saturday 3/21 from 7pm to 1am
Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ 11:45
Cheetah Chrome 11:45
The Ghost Wolves 10:30
Blackfoot Gypsies 9:15
Buzz Cason 8:00

CHEETAH CHROME’S BIG CAT STOMP // The Lost Well // Friday 3/20 from 12noon to 7pm
Flash Boys 6:45
Cheetah Chrome 6:00
Danny B. Harvey & Annie Marie Lewis 5:15
White Mystery 4:30
The Ghost Wolves 3:45
Blackfoot Gypsies 3:00
The Two Tens 2:15
The Residuels 1:30
Razorwire 12:45

Byzantine Streaming A Curious Lot, South By Southwest Night Confirmed


Byzantine is streaming new music since their recent return. Check out “A Curious Lot,” off of To Release Is To Resolve, out April 7, 2015 via Snakepit (CEN/RED Distribution).here. They will be making an appearance at South By Southwest in Austin, TX.

Mar 18: Dirty Dog – Austin, TX (Metal Injections South by SouthDEATH Showcase 9:30pm)

Jam In The Van To Set Up At South By Southwest

jam in the van

Jam In The Van, the world’s first solar powered mobile music studio and discovery platform has partnered with GQ to showcase 40 plus bands at the GQ X JAM IN THE VAN HOUSE at South By Southwest music festival in Austin, TX, March 18-22, 2015.

Beginning next Wednesday (March 18, 2015), GQ x JAM IN THE VAN HOUSE will host JAM IN THE VAN sessions for a week straight, featuring performance by:

Plain White T’s, Surfer Blood, The Mowgli’s, Cody Simpson, The Sheepdogs, K. Flay, X Ambassadors, Juicebox The Ghost, Colony House, Zella Das, American Aquarium, Alberta Cross, Stop Light Observations, Kopecky, Jamestown Revival, Diarrhea Revival, Sons of Bill, Matthew E White, Futurebirds, Natural Child, White Mystery, Dorothy, Wild Ones, Knox Hamilton, Black Cadillacs, Lee Bains III and the Glory Fides, Andrew Combs, The Bros. Landreth, Son Little, Horse Thief, T Hardy Morris and the Hard Knock, Fort Lean Water Liars, Joseph Bloods, The Black and the White, Love and the Zealous, Def Perception, Great Peacock, Hollis Brown and Ivory Deville.

GQ X SXSW live jam in the van sessions

In addition, the GQ x JAM IN THE VAN HOUSE will produce a live showcase sponsored by Swatch on Friday, March 20, jam-packed with performances by American Aquarium, Alberta Cross, Ivory Deville, Stop Light Observations, T. Hardy Morris and the Hard Knocks, and The Black Cadillacs. Also featured at the house: an NCAA Tournament viewing room presented by Toshiba, a pool, photo booths from HISY and FotoFwd, alcoholic beverages provided by Lagunitas Beer, Dark Horse Wine, Tito’s Vodka, Stillhouse Whiskey, non-alcoholic beverages provided by AQUAhydrate and Chameleon Coffee, a s’mores station from Dark Horse Wine by the fire pit, and a gear station for artists to try out new products from Orange Amps, Guild Guitars, Cordoba Guitars and MXL Microphones. Swatch, Skull Candy and Dahrma Eyewear. JAM IN THE VAN will also be gifting select artists who stop by.

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God Damn Streaming “We Don’t Like You”

god damn

God Damn is streaming “We Don’t Like You,” off their new album Vultures, out May 12, 2015 in North America and May 11, 2015 internationally via One Little Indian, here.

Hailing from the West Midlands, God Damn is comprised of Thom Edward (guitars/vocals) and Ash Weaver (drums). Having released a handful of singles over the past few years, the duo took the British rock scene by storm with their sonic blasts of glorious noise, leading to them sharing stages with the likes of Eagulls, Pulled Apart By Horses, Icarus Line and The Wytches. God Damn even caught the attention of UKs The Guardian, who praised their ability to blend the hard rock era of the early 70s, the U.S. hardcore bands of the early 80s, the early 90s grunge era and possibly more… With Vultures, however, God Damn somehow enhances its red-hot burning molten pot of pop hooks and grinding, bludgeoning riffs and rhythms.

god damn vultures

The band is making its US live debut at South By Southwest, aside from an upcoming showcase in New York City.

God Damn U.S. Dates:
Mar 18: Latitude 30 British Music Embassy 3pm – Austin, TX
Mar 18: Lamberts SESAC Showcase 1am – Austin, TX
Mar 22: The Carousel Lounge Gutbucket Brunch 3pm – Austin, TX
Mar 24: Niagra – New York, NY (w/ Clean Teeth)

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