Faith No More Rebooked European Tour, Crew Fundraiser Launched

Faith No More in Boston, by Meg Loyal Photography

Faith No More has announced a number of rescheduled dates for the band’s European tour that was originally slated for this Summer. The dates still include their planned exclusive UK headline dates, other European shows, and their appearance at Tons of Rock in Oslo, Norway. All currently held tickets remain valid for the new date. Refunds are available upon request. Please direct inquiries to the original point of purchase. Faith No More will also soon announce news of their North American Summer tour dates. The band has also launched a merch fundraiser for their crew, impacted by the loss of income.Continue reading

Faith No More Rebooks Postponed Australian Tour Dates

Faith No More has announced they have rescheduled their arena tour dates for Australia, scheduled to take place this May, to 2021. New dates are set to happen in February and March 2021 due to coronavirus concerns and subsequent restrictions on mass gatherings. Tickets purchased for the previously planned shows will be valid for new dates, however, refunds will be available from Ticketek if you’re unable to make the new dates work. The rescheduled tour will see Melbourne post-punk faves RVG open, as per the previously planned dates. These shows will mark FNM’s first Australian headline tour in over 23 years, with the last being back in 1997. Since then, they’ve only returned for festival slots – most recently for Soundwave 2015, promoting Sol Invictus(Ipecac).

Continue reading

CLASSIC ALBUMS REVISITED: Faith No More – “King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime” Turns 25

What if there’s no more fun to have?” This seems to be a common sentiment among many when looking at the state of the world these days. Here at Ghost Cult, we’re hoping to bring a little joy, perhaps, dare I say, a will to live? If you’re anything like me, music is as essential to you as the air that you breathe, the blood in your veins, or Matt Pike’s lack of a shirt.Continue reading

Faith No More Announces Festival Dates For Summer 2020

Faith No More, by Meg Loyal Photography

Faith No More have booked new tour dates focusing on European Festivals next summer. Already announced are Sunstroke Festival In Ireland (June 13), Hellfest in France (June 20th), Tons of Rock in Norway (June 26th). More European festival performances to be announced soon. Faith No More last played in Europe in June of 2015, following the May 2015 release of Sol Invictus (Ipecac/Reclamation Recordings).The band commented:Continue reading

Faith No More Members Are Working On New Music

In a major piece of news for Faith No More fans, Roddy Bottum in a new interview says that he has been getting together with his co-founding bandmates Mike “Puffy” Bordin and Billy Gould to make new FNM music. Although this is no future release date planned at this point, this is definitely an encouraging sign. New music from the seminal band would be the first original release since the bands acclaimed, but ardously produced Sol Invictus (Ipecac) release. Faith No More performed their last show, which was at the conclusion of 2015. Read some quotes from Bottum below. All of the members have been busy with other projects, most notably frontman Mike Patton and his hardcore supergroup Dead Cross, and scoring soundtracks such as Stephen King’s 1922 for Netflix.Continue reading

Faith No More To Release Cone Of Shame For Black Friday


Faith No More More will release a special Cone Of Shame 7” single on November 25th from Mike Patton’s label Ipecac Recordings for Black Friday Record Store Day. The single will feature the title track on the a side and JG Thirwell‘s (Foetus) ‘Motherfucker’ (Calcitonin Mix) on the b side. More details below: Continue reading

Video: Faith No More – Separation Anxiety

Faith No More Seperation Anxiety video still

Faith No More has released a new video for their track ‘Separation Anxiety’, from their 2015 release Sol Invictus (Ipecac/Reclamation). You can watch the video at this link or below:


In Ghost Cult’s review of Sol Invictus we remarked that ” ‘Separation Anxiety’ is the heaviest track on Sol Invictus and certainly if you are the type of person that pines for the first three FNM albums, this is the song that will resonate with you the most.”

The band has put the wrap on a huge year with the new album, several international tours, and festival appearances such as Aftershock fest.


Ghost Cult Album Of The Year 2015 Countdown: 10 – 2

Ghost Cult logo blk background2


Part five of the Ghost Cult Album of the Year countdown for 2015.

One staff team. Over 550 albums covered by Ghost Cult over the last twelve months. One epic race to be crowned Album of the Year.

Read on to dive deep into the Ghost Cult Top 10…


10. My Dying Bride – ‘Feel The Misery’ (Peaceville)

“When the history of doom metal is written, English miserabilists My Dying Bride will have their own chapter; preferably written in gothic script by a quill. After twenty-five years in the game, their long march towards the sinister continues and Feel the Misery has to rank among their best works.”

Review by James Conway here



9. Cattle Decapitation – ‘The Anthropocene Exctinction’ (Metal Blade)

“The grind influences which the band are largely known for are present here, but combine with a number of other reference points and styles in a way that transforms them quite beyond the ordinary. The base-line style throughout is a crunchy, Grind-touched Death Metal that’s as comfortable with punishing grooves and sinister melodies as it is with blasting, but they expand their palette further with quasi-“industrial” effects, atmospheric passages and creepily-effective clean vocal sections.”

Review by Richie HR here



8. Paradise Lost – ‘The Plague Within’ (Century Media)

“Not a descent into the darkest bowels of harrowing Death-Doom, then, but expecting it to be would be rather silly. What The Plague Within offers is a sincere, heartfelt amalgam of older influences and current songwriting from a band who have always had the courage to follow their own muse where it leads them, even if it seems to lead them back.”

Review by Richie HR here



7. Faith No More – ‘Sol Invictus’ (Reclamation/Ipecac)

Ghost Cult Album of the Month –May “The band picks up basically where they left off with 1997’s Album of The Year. After all; resurrection may be for those who got it wrong the first time, but the same cannot be said of Faith No More whose return is a welcome and worthy one. Let’s hope it lasts as long as it can.”

Review by Keith Chachkes here



6. Iron Maiden – ‘The Book Of Souls’ (Parlophone/Sanctuary/BMG)

“For a band with such a celebrated history, it is a joy and delight to confirm that The Book Of Souls stands resolute as one of the best things the band has produced. Ever. An album that works on a number of levels – the strength of the songwriting, the collective and individual musicianship, the range and power of the entire album are all deeply impressive. The Book of Souls is the collective endeavour of a band still resolutely in love with music and still gracious and humble enough to want to share that with its audience. Happy and glorious, from epic start to bombastic end.”

Review by Mat Davies here



5. Clutch – Psychic Warfare (Weathermaker)

Ghost Cult Album of the Month –October “Thank goodness for Clutch. Clutch aren’t like most bands. Wait: Clutch are not like any other band. Now into their 20-something year of making smart, intelligent rock music, Psychic Warfare sees Neil Fallon and co in the rudest possible health, invigorating and invigorated, creatively refreshed and simply staggering and swaggering. Clutch are a band of sublime brilliance and Psychic Warfare might just be the album you’ve waited all year for. Long may they reign supreme.”

Review by Mat Davies here



4. Napalm Death – ‘Apex Predator – Easy Meat’ (Century Media)

Ghost Cult Album of the Month –February “That the band still emits a burning intensity, railing against injustice and The Establishment, is reassuring and adds the crucial element of gravity to what is, in essence, a joyous and energising sound. Angry machine gun rattle, powerful skewing punk, flexibility in pace, a hefty boot, veering grind… I bloody love the nose-breaking, careering chaos of it all”

Review by Paul Quinn here



3. Enslaved – ‘In Times’ (Nuclear Blast)

Ghost Cult Album of the Month –March In Times is a record of staggering, jaw-dropping brilliance. In Times distils the essence of Enslaved in brilliant, grandiose fashion but, like all great albums, suggests new, as yet uncharted opportunities. To use sporting parlance, suggesting that the band are at the top of their game is to truly misunderstand what’s going on here. Enslaved are not just at the top of their game; they are in the process of trying to change the game being played.”

Review by Mat Davies here



2. Lamb of God – ‘VII: Sturm und Drang’ (Nuclear Blast)

Ghost Cult Album of the Month –August “About halfway through Sturm Und Drang, vocalist Randy Blythe screams: “How the FUCK did you think this would end?!” It’s both a question and a statement of defiance, summing up five years that have been nothing less than challenging for this band. That they have returned and delivered an album this ferocious, this energised, this brilliant, is utterly remarkable and testimony to a sense of collective tenacity and drive that can only be admired. All Heavy Metal records should sound this good.”

Review by Mat Davies here

lamb of god


PART 1: ALBUMS 50-41

PART 2: ALBUMS 40-31

PART 3: ALBUMS 30-21

PART 4: ALBUMS 20-11


Aftershock Festival 2015: Live At The Gibson Ranch, Sacramento, CA


Aftershock Festival 2015 . Photo credit by Scott Uchida

Aftershock Festival 2015 Photo credit by Scott Uchida


The beautiful and warm Gibson Ranch was the scene for the 2015 Monster Energy Drink Aftershock. Not only does Aftershock always boast on of the best lineups of any festival in America, the gorgeous NorCal location allows for all kinds of attractions and activities making this the most well-rounded fest you could attend as well. The festival officially sold-out the entire weekend with over 25,000 in attendance each day.

Slipknot, photo credit: Stephanie Cabral

Slipknot, photo credit: Stephanie Cabral


Marilyn Manson, photo credit: Stephanie Cabral

Marilyn Manson, photo credit: Stephanie Cabral


The top of the bill for Saturday boasted some big big names, to be true. Headliners Slipknot are possibly the preeminent metal concert experience in the world right now, just based on the spectacle of their stage show and the epic music they bring. They also had a lot of people checking out their Haunted Scream Park for constant Halloween scares all weekend long too. Other big musical hitters such as Shinedown, Marilyn Manson, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Bring Me The Horizon and Black Veil Brides had fans drooling, packed in crows of people, and offered up a little something for everyone from across the range of active rock and metal genres. Especially with BMTH and Black Veil Brides, you are really seeing the future of music unfold before you, and the youth of the fans was served in the audience.


Bring Me The Horizon, photo credit: Stephanie Cabral

Bring Me The Horizon, photo credit: Stephanie Cabral



Black Veil Brides, photo credit: Stephanie Cabral

Black Veil Brides, photo credit: Stephanie Cabral

As much as Saturday had some “hall of fame” worthy acts, there was a lot of up and coming talent on early in the day such as the Beartooth performance, and strong showings from Red Sun Rising and September Mourning too. There will come a time when some of these headline bands wont be around anymore and the next generation of stars needs to rise up now. Some of them were on hand at Aftershock this weekend.


Saturday was a really a day to explore the festival grounds. Tons of people took in the great food options (BBQ, Tex Mex, Burritos, Pizza,and Vegetarian choices looked astounding), Tequila tastings from six major purveyors of fine spirits and NXT wrestling. The balance between fun for families and grown folks was strong, and a real testament to why this fest has been able to last so long and get better every year.

The Pink Slips, Meg Loyal Photography

The Pink Slips, by Meg Loyal Photography

If you weren’t totally destroyed by Saturday’s overload of the senses, Sunday also had a list of great bands to see and hear and fun things to. Early in the day two more killer bands helped set things off in the always fun Dance Gavin Dance and the surprising Pink Slips. The Pinks Slips are a band you need to check out as we expect to see them higher up on the bill on fests like this for years to come. After checking out issues, it was time to see Sevendust rip up the East Stage. They are a live band like few others and they played a short, yet heartfelt set.


Sevendust, by Meg Loyal Photography

Sevendust, by Meg Loyal Photography

Yelawolf, by Meg Loyal Photography

Yelawolf, by Meg Loyal Photography

All Time Low and Yelawolf really set the stage for later in the day. Stone Temple Pilots led by Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) for what would turn out to be one of the last full show for them together, played all the hits to huge crowd response. Fan may be conflicted about Chester’s time in the band, but he did justice to the history of that band

Stone Temple Pilots, by Meg Loyal Photography

Stone Temple Pilots, by Meg Loyal Photography

Coheed and Cambria was next, playing behind their new record, and they leaned heavy on new songs. Despite the festival and the over atmosphere of the place, it didn’t seem like their crowd was in the house. Or maybe they were waiting on Jane’s Addiction to hit the stage. Jane’s, like STP knows the fans want the big hits and that is what they brought. Perry Ferrell and Dave Navarro, despite their many public scraps, seem just made for each other as poet/conduit and axe-slinger duos go.


Jane's Addiction, by Meg Loyal Photography

Jane’s Addiction, by Meg Loyal Photography


Deftones, by Meg Loyal Photography

Deftones, by Meg Loyal Photography

Defotnes were the next to last act of the weekend and true hometown heroes as they are right from Sacto. The band put on a great show with front man Chino Moreno running all over the stage and moving his body as much as his silky, elastic vocal range. With a new album coming in 2016, it would seem this band is destined to headline a future Aftershock fest. Bringing the epic weekend to a close, Faith No More brought the botanical theme of their recent Sol Invictus (Reclamation/Ipecac) tour with them. Playing the massive hits such as ‘Be Aggressive’, ‘Epic’, ‘Midlife Crisis’ and ‘Easy’, sprinkled among new songs and deep cuts, the band showed why their reunion so worthy needed and the accolades so deserved. Until next time Aftershock, well be back!


Faith No More, by Meg Loyal Photography

Faith No More, by Meg Loyal Photography


Faith No More, by Meg Loyal Photography

Faith No More, by Meg Loyal Photography

Slide show photos by Meg Loyal Photography

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