The Top Ten Stories at Ghost Cult This Week

In a new feature here, we recap the biggest stories of the week here at Ghost Cult! We went to 12, because fuck it, it’s our list! This week we have new reviews from The Mars Volta, Behemoth, and The Devil Wears Prada, an interview with Mike of TDWP, new album news from In flames, concert reviews from Ghost and Oceano, Part 2 of our Bloodstock Festival 2022 coverage, the new plans for The Black Dahlia Murder, Allegeaon welcomes back a vocalist, a potential farewell show from an influential band, and the tragic loss of a member of the metal family.

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Dave Andersson, Long-Time Guitarist for Soilwork Has Died


Dave Andersson, long-time guitarist of Soilwork and The Night Flight Orchestra has died. He was 47 years old. No cause of death has been revealed, but in a post to Instagram, Soilwork commented that “sadly alcohol and mental illness took you away from us.” Andersson played an integral part in Soilwork for last ten years, as the replacement to co-founder Peter Wichers. Dave was also a Medical Doctor (MD), and was considered brilliant by his friends and peers. RIP.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Megadeth – The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead


Whether you want it to or not, once a nickname is acquired, it sticks. Sometimes for life. For almost as long as the band has existed itself, Californian speed metal legends Megadeth have been known by fans as Megadave. A purely affectionate nickname for sure, but one which grew out of frontman Dave Mustaine‘s often brutal and cold-blooded approach to personnel management. The singular constant in a revolving door of band members, make no mistake. Mustaine is Megadeth. Always was, always will be.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Soilwork – Övergivenheten


Whilst being long-term veterans and a pinnacle force of Swedish melodic death metal, recent years have shown to be quite a turning point for Soilwork. 2019’s Verkligheten was arguably both the band’s strongest album for some time and their most well-received.Continue reading

PODCAST: Episode #183: The Steve and Keefy Power Hour – New Music July – August 2022

Prepare to have your mind blown! Two bald white guys give their options on music: a Brit and a Yank! Senior Editor Steve Tovey joins Chief Editor Keefy to discuss a recap of June and July releases, a forecast of the new music this month, and more! Shoutout to our amazing team of reviewers worldwide!Continue reading

The Night Flight Orchestra Books “The Aeromantic Experience” Tour Dates

Pop Metal Supergroup The Night Flight Orchestra have booked an extensive tour of Europe for 2022. The band is comprised of members of some of the foremost artists in rock and metal (Soilwork, Arch Enemy, Mean Streak) and for over a decade have made their name making toe-tapping covers, fun albums, and energetic live performances.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Trivium – In The Court Of The Dragon

By the time Floridian thrashers Trivium released their second album, Ascendancy (Roadrunner Records) in 2005, the band were locked firmly into an upward trajectory which promised nothing short of global domination. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out as planned but the four-piece still remain one of the most successful metal acts around today despite having to constantly push against an unrelenting tide of haters who decided sometime during the mid-late ’00s that Trivium just weren’t metal enough any more or something.

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Soilwork Shares New Video Teaser

Soilwork has shared a new teaser for a new, as yet untitled, music video. The drop date is October 23rd, 2020. The band has stayed busy throughout the pandemic, has been in the studio over the summer recording new music, released “The Feverish Trilogy”, the new single “Death Diviner”, and started booking tour dates for 2021, all on the heels of their last album, 2019’s acclaimed album Verkligheten (Nuclear Blast Records).

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Soilwork Announces Swedish Shows and Festival Dates

Melodic Death Metal Legends Soilwork have announced a new run of concert and festival dates in their home country, Sweden. These six dates are spread across 2021. Direct support where noted will come from Symphonic Metal artist Eleine. See the announcement from the band at the link below for tickets. The band has been spending their time during lockdown recording new music and we’re looking forward to new Soilwork jams.

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