Skraeckoedlan Share “Universum” Video; Celebrating 10 Years Since their Debut


Swedish progressive/stoner band Skraeckoedlan released their new single, “Universum”. The song originally appeared as “Universe” on 2011’s Äppelträdet album. Skraeckoedlan — guitarist/vocalist Robert Lamu, guitarist Henrik Grüttner, bassist Erik Berggren and drummer Martin Larsson — recorded their parts separately over video and then compiled the track. Watch the clip now at The Obelisk.

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Skraeckoedlan – Eorpe

Skraeckoedlan’s newest offering is entitled Eorpe (Fuzzorama) – or Earth for the non-Swedes. Eorpe is part Stoner, part psychedelic music, with much sounding like New Wave music from the eighties with modern production values. There’s a familiarity to the tone and pacing of the music that us old fogies will enjoy, but, it’s “out there” enough for younger listeners to turn on, tune in, and drop out – the blending works as it’s a relaxing non-offensive listen.Continue reading