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NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: May 22nd New Music Releases

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Her Chariot Awaits Release “Take Me Higher” Video, Debut Album Due in May

New supergroup Her Chariot Awaits is a hard rock/metal band featuring the highly regarded Spanish vocalist Ailyn (ex-Sirenia) and guitarist and producer Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob). The band’s self-titled debut will be released on May 22, 2020 via Frontiers Music Srl. Watch the new video for their single ‘Take Me Higher’, right now!Continue reading

Sirenia Shares New Lyric Video For “Love Like Cyanide”, New Coming Next Month

As we previously reported Symphonic metallers Sirenia is back with a new album Arcane Astral Aeons this fall via Napalm Records. The follow-up to 2016’s Dim Days Of Dolor marks the band’s second LP to feature French vocalist Emmanuelle Zoldan, who replaced Spanish singer Ailyn Giménez García two years ago. Watch the lyric video for the new single ‘Love Like Cyanide’, now.

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Sirenia – The Seventh Life Path


On The Seventh Life Path (Napalm), their seventh studio album, Norwegians Sirenia pull out all the stops to set themselves apart from others in the Symphonic Metal field. It’s refreshing to hear pure synth sounds, as in the intro to ‘Once My Light’, rather than merely a synth-orchestra, though the orchestra is in full force throughout and delivers all the bombast that Symphonic Metal fans could hope for. And from the very first song on the album it is already clear that the choir arrangements are equally dramatic as the orchestrals, with ‘Elixir’ featuring some particularly remarkable choral work.

There is a very pleasant contradiction between the low male vocals and high female lines. This contrast is even stronger because it is generally followed by grunts. Other great choir parts can be found in ‘Insania’, again contrasting with the grunts of Morten Veland, and in ‘Sons of the North’ where the male choral intro is quite unlike any of the other lines on this album. Unfortunately this song had a weird little thing going on with the drums in the verse that made it appear as if the song was skipping. This, however, was soon forgotten owing to the overall quality of the music, especially the disturbing piano solo.

Besides the choir, vocals are provided by Ailyn, who has the soft and sweet voice that is common in this particular genre, although she does sometimes hint at a more powerful voice. Some of the backing vocals on the beautiful ‘Tragedienne’ have a ballsiness to them that I really would love to hear in the main lines. As it is now, I am glad to have the grunts and choirs alongside the softer singing. There is one major exception though: ‘Contemptuous Quietus’ has a very deep classical sound very much like the voice of Simone Simons of Epica. This power really suits the music very well.

This album has a great amount of bombast on a bed of surprisingly heavy metal guitar, drums, and bass, with a layer of catchy licks and synths and a variety of vocals. It has a distinct character that will definitely appeal to fans of symphonic metal.



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The Dames of Darkness Festival V Invades The UK Next Spring

DOD5(2) (1)

The Dames of Darkness Festival, a music festival that features female fronted metal and rock bands only will unleash its fifth edition next spring. Held at the Robin 2 venue over tw oday next May, the fest features an international lineup of some acclaim if symphonic and folk influenced metal led by the female voice is your thing.



Press Notes:

The 5th edition of ‘The Dames of Darkness Festival ’takes place over 2 days on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th May 2015 @ The Robin 2, Bilston UK with again new and established bands from the UK, Europe and The United States.

Headling on the Saturday is Sirenia from Norway, a band formed by Morten Veland in 2001. Morten’s musical work was already well known through his work with his former band Tristania,a band he co-founded back in the mid nineties.

Whyzdom from France make their 3rd UK appearance and will be here to promote their new album and the first with singer Marie Rouyer.

Weeping Silence from Malta play a blend of gothic/doom metal with male & female vocals.

Rooted in a European tradition, Heliosaga from The United States combines elements of power, symphonic and gothic metal with female vocals. This will be their first ever gig in Europe.

Andrea Casanova from Spanish band Rainover attended the last ‘The Dames of Darkness Festival ’ as a fan, this time she brings her band the play. The music of Rainover consists of grey, intense, and emotional dream-rock with a modern approach to both composition and sound and still with a dark edge.

Festival hosts or ‘house band’ Apparition return with singer Fiona Creaby who rejoined the band after 5 years away.

In their own words Aonia,from the UK are the 7-headed, 14-legged creation comprises a dual-wield of ‘sopranos with balls’ as vocalists, along with shredding twin axes, symphonic keys and driving drums and bass – for fans of power metal, progressive metal and NWOBHM.

Opening the festival is The Fall Of Eve who are an alternative music project formed by Laura Tracey and Michael Moffat based in central Scotland. They use a fusion of weighty guitars, inspiring orchestration and celestial choral along with a female lead vocals.

The headliners for Sunday are also from Norway. Leaves Eyes with their singer Liv Kristine who’s unique voice that serves as the linchpin in for the band. The recent Symphonies of the Night” album will once again reclaim the coveted spotlight in symphonic- rock and metal.

Enemy Of Reality are a symphonic metal band from Greece and is a joining of regal forces that finally occurred in 2013 in Athens, Greece. Lyric soprano Iliana Tsakiraki.

Formed in 2009 Winter In Eden remain one of the UK’s most popular Symphonic metal bands. Their latest album was Produced by Ruud Jolie and mixed by Stefan Helleblad both from ‘Within Temptation’,

Highly rated Skarlett Riot bring their own brand of rock n roll to the fest and this is what the music press say about them-”Their coming-of-age debut hits hard, and proves this young UK crew having been saving their best material for this very moment.” KKKK – Kerrang!

‘…this is one of the best debuts from a young band in a very long time. A brilliant example of modern rock music.’ 9/10 Powerplay.

In 2004 five like minded musicians became acquainted at the University of Salford, Greater Manchester, all shared the common goal of creating original and exciting heavy metal, and from this ‘INCASSUM was conceived.

Enkelination (enkeli – meaning Angel in Finnish) was formed in November 2011 by classically trained former opera singer Elina Siirala. She moved to London in 2008 and fell in love with the power and performance of rock and metal.

Insuna have been active since spring of 2010 and have built a steady following in South Wales and are known in the scene throughout the UK.
Kicking things off on the Sunday are EDENFALL are a Gothic Doom band from the heart of England’s past, who emerged from the ashes in the autumn of 2009.


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