Chrome Division – One Last Ride

Calling it a day nearly fifteen years and five full-length albums after their inception, Norway’s Chrome Division are riding off into the sunset with one final record to send them on their way.Continue reading

Dimmu Borgir – Eonian

A genre born of anger and extremity, Black Metal has always burned with a glorious and uniquely singular spirit. However, with such savage independence at its core, conflict and contradiction have never been too far away. As commonplace amongst its ranks as bizarre names and unintelligible band logos, bitter (and often silly) arguments have raged for decades about which individuals, acts, or sub-genres, are the most – and of course the least – worthy to fly its blackened flag. Continue reading

Dimmu Borgir Shares New Music Video – Council Of Wolves And Snakes

Dimmu Borgir has shared a brand new single and music video today, for their track ‘Council Of Wolves And Snakes’. The video for their first new single in a decade, ‘Interdimensional Summit’, garnered 1.3 million views on YouTube, so the hype train for their new album Eonian is pulling out of the station. Eonian drops on May 4th from Nuclear Blast Records, so watch the new video and pre-order your copy below! Continue reading

Dimmu Borgir – Forces Of The Northern Night DVD set

Top hats off to Dimmu Borgir. While it has been five years almost to the day between the recording of the second of these sets (2012’s Wacken performance where they were joined by almost 100 musicians) the release of the Forces Of The Northern Night (Nuclear Blast) double DVD set is a perfect way to close a simply huge cycle celebrating the monumental Abrahadabra album Continue reading