Shadow Woods Metal Fest Books Panopticon, Destroyer of Light, Neolithic and More

The mid-Atlantic’s premier camping music festival, Shadow Woods Metal Fest, returns this summer on August 27th and 28th 2021, just one hour north of Baltimore. More than 20 bands on two stages over two nights for its fifth edition. Early bands announced include Panopticon, Destroyer of Light, Neolithic, Borracho, Witchcryer, Voarm, Traitor, Altar And the Bull, Queen Wolf, with more to be named soon. Tickets are on sale and the event is limited in capacity with strict social distancing measures and more.

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Panopticon, Aerial Ruin, and Nechochwen to Perform Tonight Shadow Woods Productions ‎Stay At Home Fest on YouTube

Shadow Woods LLC, the makers of the amazing Shadow Woods Metal Fest and Shadow Frost Music and Arts Fest will present the Shadow Woods Productions ‎Stay-At-Home Fest tonight on YouTube. The lineup consists of Panopticon, Aerial Ruin, and Nechochwen. It will be livestreamed and run from 7 PM to approx. 930 PM. Please support these amazing people and bands.Continue reading

Shadow Woods Metal Fest to Host Livestream Fundraiser Tonight for Otto Bar Metal Mondays

Shadow Woods Metal Fest is hosting a livestream tonight, April 13th, 2020, via their Facebook page to raise money for Otto Bar Metal Monday, held every week at Otto Bar, the popular metal bar and club. Shadow Woods festival mastermind MA Spiro will host a three-hour marathon chat with many guests and boosters from the national and local metal scene to discuss a variety of topics and hang. Please support this vital venue and join us if you can! Continue reading

Music Video: Dreadlords – Five To One

dreadlords 2

Dreadlords is streaming their music video cover of The Doors’ “Five To One”, off of their debut album Death Angel via Not Just Religious Music below. The band have booked an upcoming festival appearance.

Sep 25-27: Mountain Lake Summer Camp (Shadow Woods Metal Fest) – Fannettsburg, PA

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Shadow Woods Metal Fest Confirmed For September 25-27, 2015

shadows woods metal fest

Shadow Woods Metal Fest will be happening on September 25-27, 2015 in Fannettsburg, PA in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. Artists taking part on the fest include:

Anagnorisis (Louisville, KY – black metal)
Anicon (New York, NY – black metal)
Ashagal (New Hope, PA – ritual folk)
Bridesmaid (Columbus, OH – instrumental doom-sludge)
Cladonia Rangiferina (VA – ritual black metal, doom, acid rock)
Dendritic Arbor (Pittsburgh, PA – black metal / powerviolence)
Destroying Angel (Philadelphia, PA – folk music for exorcisms)
Dreadlords (Philadelphia, PA – ritual black metal blues)
Dweller In The Valley (Frederick, MD – black, death, doom)
Existentium (Baltimore, MD – melodic technical death metal)
Falls of Rauros (Portland, ME – folk/atmospheric black metal)
Fin (Chicago, IL – black metal; unsigned)
Heavy Temple (Philadelphia, PA – psychedelic doom)
Hivelords (Philadelphia, PA – experimental psychedelic black doom)
Immortal Bird (Chicago, IL – black/death metal)
Iron Man (MD – doom metal/heavy rock)
Menace Ruine (Montreal, QC – avant-garde drone black metal)
Midnight (Cleveland, Ohio – black heavy metal)
Molasses Barge (Pittsburgh, PA – traditional doom metal)
Occultation (New York, NY – doom metal)
Oneirogen (New York, NY – dark, doom, drone)
Psalm Zero (New York, NY – experimental black doom)
Sentience (Woodland Park, NJ – death metal)
Slagstorm (Hagerstown, MD – prehistoric doom thrash)
Snakefeast (Baltimore, MD – jazz metal sludge)
Stone Breath (Red Lion, PA – experimental folk)
The Black Moriah (Dallas/Fort Worth, TX – Western occult black/thrash)
The Day of the Beast (Virginia Beach, VA – blackened death metal)
The Expanding Man (Baltimore, MD – solo improvisational electronic soundscapes)
The Flight of Sleipnir (Denver, CO – black metal)
The Owls Are Not What They Seem (York, PA – experimental ritual soundscapes)
Tyrant’s Hand (Baltimore, MD – deathened black metal)
Unsacred (Richmond, VA – savage black metal)
Velnias (Denver, CO – blackened folk/doom metal)
Wormreich (Huntsville, AL & Nashville, TN – black metal)
ZUD (Portland, ME – bluesy outlaw black metal)


Watch the trailer for the fest below.

Shadows Woods Metal Fest on Facebook
Shadows Woods Metal Fest on YouTube