Holy Roar Records Founder Alex Fitzpatrick Denies Allegations of Rape and Assault

In a story that has rocked the industry,Holy Roar Records founder Alex Fitzpatrick was accused last week on September 7th, by two women of rape and assault via social media posts, and since then a third woman has come forward with similar claims. Now Alex has denied the allegations against him and vowed to clear his name. “These allegations are false, and I am doing everything I can to clear my name. I immediately instructed solicitors to help me defend my name and reputation. For legal reasons, I am advised by my solicitors, at this stage, to refrain from making further comments. I have also resigned with immediate effect from my businesses to enable me to focus on clearing my name.” HehasresignbedfromHRRtofdocusonhisdefense. Continue reading

UPDATED: Holy Roar Records Founder Alex Fitzpatrick Accused of Rape and Assault

UPDATED: The label has released a statement and many of the bands have weighed in and some have left the label. All of the label staff has resigned. In stunning news Holy Roar Records founder Alex Fitzpatrick has been accused by two women of rape and assault. A post was made to social media on Instagram yesterday (September 7th) and was spread to bands, artists, fans, and industry types. The statements are detailed and reveal; a pattern of abuse. No statements has come down from Fitzpatrick or the label as yet, but silence on this matter or any accusations of sexual assault and misconduct are unacceptable. Alex also owns the Ghost Whale craft beer pub, in Brixton. Ithaca immediately took to social media and remarked they are “weighing their options”. Other bands on the notable label include internationally acclaimed acts Conjurer, Secret Cutter, Respire, Mol, Boss Keloid, Elephant Tree, OHHMS, Slabdragger, Garganjua, Palm Reader and many more. Holy Roar is home to several anti-fascist bands, bands led by women, and bands who have campaigned and raised monies for survivors of sexual assault. We will continue to track this story as it develops. Continue reading

A Day to Remember Bassist Josh Woodard Responds to Sexual Assault Allegations

A Day to Remember Bassist Josh Woodard has released a statement in response to recent allegations of sexual assault/misconduct. In his statement, which was shared as an image of a text file on Twitter, Woodard denied the “false” allegations, saying the “events described never happened.” In late June and early July, multiple women recounted past incidents of alleged sexual misconduct by the founding A Day to Remember bassist, which went without even a mention or legal response from Woodard or the band altogether until now. Woodard also explained the reason for this silence was that he “did not feel it is appropriate to handle or debate this situation on social media,” but acknowledged that “addressing this is my personal responsibility.” He said he has elected to legally defend himself and will continue to handle these allegations in a private manner.Continue reading

Former Of Mice And Men Frontman Austin Carlile Accused of Sexually Assaulting Fifteen Women, Alt-Press Involved in a Cover-Up

A woman named Caitlyn Stiffler has taken to social media to call out Alternative Press, accusing the media outlet of burying a story about former Of Mice & Men frontman Austin Carlile sexually assaulting fifteen women. This news is terribly distressing to learn. Alternative Press claims they dropped their investigation due to legal threats from Carlisle, and OMAM’s official pages shared posts claiming that they had no knowledge of these claims or the cover-up and that Austin has not been in the band for four years. Caitlyn Stiffler’s claim is as follows.Continue reading