Late Slipknot Bassist Paul Gray’s Personal Gear To Be Auctioned Off

Founding Slipknot bassist Paul Gray passed away back in 2010 after a long struggle with drug addiction. With his daughter now turning seven years old, his friends and family are putting some of his personal collection up for auction to help raise money for her future. Continue reading

Your Daily Inspiration: An Interview With GWAR

Gwar-Battle-MaximusWhat is identity? What happens the entire world knows your alter-ego, but for the most part only real fans know who you are? Would you even care, or perhaps even prefer it to be this way? Are you more free to be as crazy as possible under a mask? These questions that have surely come across the brilliant, twisted mind of Dave Brockie from time to time. Dave is better known by his gregarious alter-ego, mutant from another world, Oderus Urungus of the mighty GWAR. Hellbent on sex, blood, mass destruction, murdering celebrities, calling out hypocrisy, and spewing mass quantities fluids on crowds at shows for over thirty years, it’s nice work if you can get it. Along the way Oderus has become an icon, appearing on cable news shows, TV shows (Holliston), and other turns in pop culture. Ghost Cult’s Omar Cordy was treated to a very different personality backstage in New York City recently, when Brockie as Brockie waxed on about his long career, the ups and downs of a being in a constantly working band, GWAR’s recent album Battle Maximus (Metal Blade), paying attention to your fans, and more.

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