EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Deveraux “I Want To Spend The End Times With You” Featuring Krsy Fox

Los Angeles band Devereaux is the solo project from Paul Wiley (Marilyn Manson, Razor Candy) and are dropping a new EP, This Isn’t Going To End Well, due out on June 2nd via Sensory Recordings. The new single drops tomorrow, ‘I Want To Spend The End Times With You’, features Krsy Fox (Knee High Fox) on vocals, and is the perfect song for the pandemic/corona-apocalypse. The single and video will be available to stream publicly on Wednesday, April 29th via Sensory Recordings and all major streaming platforms. The main riff on the track is particularly evil sounding, juxtaposed against Paul and Krsy Fox’s hypnotic vocals, and cleverly layered guitars. The new EP is the follow up to Deveraux’s debut EP – Songs In The Key Of Death, released in 2017. The DIY video was shot by everyone individually during the quarantine, at their respective homes in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Chicago. The video features vocalist Krsy Fox, who also directed and edited the video, drummer Ryan “Junior” Kittlitz (All Hail The Yeti) and guitarist Carella Ross. Watch the clip right now!

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EP REVIEW: Razor Candy – Razor Candy

I like to think I am a tough nut to crack, an enigma, if you will, shrouded in a mystical cloud of mystery. My editor proved to me that when it comes to my musical tastes he has me all figured out. Case in point, the new self-titled EP by Razor Candy (Sensory Recordings). My editor said I would really dig the newly released profoundly immoral brainchild of Paul Wiley (Marilyn Manson, Deveraux) and Chad Cherry (The Last Vegas, The Claws) and he was not wrong. I may be a self-described metalhead, but I am also a self-described lover of musical ingenuity and raw talent, which Razor Candy not only possesses but showcases in an eloquently macabre way. The EP contains five tracks that are available in all streaming formats, but for you vinyl loving freaks (myself included) there is a bonus track included only on vinyl, how fanfreakingtastical is that?Continue reading

Razor Candy (Marilyn Manson, The Last Vegas) Shares New Video, New EP Out Now

Razor Candy, the brainchild of Paul Wiley (Marilyn Manson, Deveraux) and Chad Cherry (The Last Vegas, The Claws) released their debut self-titled EP Razor Candy via Sensory Recordings, which released on February 14th 2020. To celebrate the band released their new music video ‘Parents Beware/Razors In the Candy’! The song tells a tale of kids wreaking havoc on Halloween while the old witch in the neighborhood hands out tainted candy laced with razor blades and cyanide. The video was filmed and directed by Brook Hubbs. Watch the clip here! Continue reading