Exclusive Stream: Southerly Covers Pink Rabbits, By The National

Southerly cover series album cover

Ghost Cult brings you the premiere stream of the new single from Southerly, ‘Pink Rabbits’. Originally by The National, the track is the latest release from their forthcoming Covers Series album. You can hear the track below:


Southerly is the project of Krist Krueger, SELF Group label founder and longtime musician and artist in his own right. The covers series sees Southerly cover favorites such as Low, Big Star, Elliott Smith and Jeff Hanson. The album releases on January 8th. Beyond that a new album of originals from Southerly is due in 2016 as well, Broadcast Live From So, So, So. Recorded by Krueger’s long-time producing partner/ engineer Robert Bartleson at Krueger’s own Sonic Sandbox and Bartleson’s Haywire Recording Studio in Portland, OR. Southerly and Yardsss co-writer Eli Savage also contributed.

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Audio: Free Music From US/Them Group


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