REVIEW: Stone Temple Pilots – Rival Sons – Ty Bryant and The Shakedown: Live at The Ford Amphitheater

Being a New York City guy, and a big kid at heart, I have always loved Coney Island. I never really equated it with shows, even with the concerts coming to the nearby baseball field and the new Ford Amphitheater on the Coney Island Boardwalk, right on the legendary beach. Since Coney is basically the end of NYC, I made the long trek out there with some friends for food and adult beverages first. After heading over to the venue, the big brick façade of the front-facing the beach doesn’t really give away the big open-air/tent vibes of the venue, with the ocean breeze and waves in the distance. As I found my seat, Ty Bryant and the Shakedown were winding down their set. Always a rocking fun time with him. The sound was noticeably great, with tremendous acoustics and a clear mix emanating from the speakers Continue reading

Limp Bizkit – Significant Other Revisited

I’m twelve years old and watching MTV at Jennifer Mones’ house. I’m trying my best attempt at humor and charm, but a boy can only do so much while sporting a bootleg Chicago Bulls jersey. I’m crushing hard on her and failing but at the eleventh hour, this fucking music starts blaring in the background. I turn around to notice some outfit called Limp Bizkit has a video playing for a track titled ‘Nookie.’ I haven’t heard anything this remotely heavy ever. Suddenly my raging hormones and Jennifer had taken a back seat to ‘Nookie’ and whatever else was to be found on this Significant Other (Interscope). Continue reading

Slash ft. Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators – Joyous Wolf Live At The Paramount

Slash, through his work with Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver and his iconic solo career, has become an institution of guitar playing. A modern-day hero who has a legacy but doesn’t ignore his other muses to stay current and vital. Armed with a new album and his killer band did over a month on the road promoting their new album, they treated fans to a career spanning show. Continue reading

Stone Temple Pilots – Stone Temple Pilots

One of the hardest things for veteran bands to do is overcome expectations. Especially if you have reached legend status, it’s tough to live up to the hype your own fan base can hang on you. Tougher still is when you have to overcome adversity to do it, and honestly, a lot of acts don’t recover. Stone Temple Pilots have remained musically consistent in their career, even when things didn’t go a planned. If you can name a major rock band that has had two iconic lead singers pass away and recover, let me know. In the end, it’s all about how you battle back. And in that regard STP have proven they have a real punchers temperament on their new self-titled album (Rhino). Continue reading

Stone Temple Pilots To Play First Show With New Singer

Stone Temple Pilots, long rumored to be ready to return with a new singer, will officially play their first live show with that new singer Tuesday, November 14 at a special invitation-only concert for SiriusXM listeners at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, California. Continue reading

Stone Temple Pilots Close To Naming New Singer

In an interview Stone Temple Pilots co-founders Dean and Robert DeLeo revealed that the band has chosen a new singer and are close to naming him. The announcement comes just a few months after the death of the previous singer Chester Bennington, also of Linkin Park. Original singer Scott Weiland died on December 5th, 2015.  Continue reading

Stone Temple Pilots ‘Core’ Album Turns 25 Today

Released on the same day in 1992 as Alice In Chains’ Dirt, Stone Temple Pilots burst on the scene with Core (Atlantic), an album that immediately vaulted the band from a virtual unknown to a buzz band. Although there had been a bidding war to sign the band in their pre-Core days, a name change from Mighty Joe Young had kept the band off of some critics radar, but not the fans. Once they heard the first strains of this great new hard rock band, they would be hard to resist. With the untimely deaths of original singer Scott Weiland, and more recently Chester Bennington in the rearview, but keeping this important band in our hearts, let’s look back at this iconic early 90s album and band.  Continue reading

Remembering Chester Bennington of Linkin Park- 1976 – 2017

Chester Bennington with Stone Temple Pilots, by Meg Loyal Photography

When Chester Bennington died on July 20th, it sent a shockwave through the music world. Although there seems to have been a lesser number of deaths in the music world this year compared to last, they have been no less painful. The fact that he died by suicide is tragic, and should not come with any sort of stigma, or lessen his greatness and accomplishments. As a singer, musician, and icon in the rock world, in many ways, he served as the distinctive voice of the millennial generation, in a way few others have. Continue reading

Stone Temple Pilots Remember Scott Weiland One Year After His Death



Scott Weiland’s passing last year on December 3rd was a sad day for fans of the 90s rock icons Stone Temple Pilots. The remaining members of the band posted a message to Scott over this past weekend in remembrance. Continue reading

ShipRocked 2016 Part 2: Days 3 And 4

shiprocked 2016 logo


ShipRocked, by Rick Triana

Red Sun Rising at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana Photography


ShipRocked, by Rick Triana

The Monster Energy Girls at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana Photography


Halestorm at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana

Halestorm at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana Photography

ShipRocked Day 3 got under way at picturesque Costa Maya, Mexico. The cruisers who left the ship for the beach and the sun were treated to a fun day of action hanging with artists and making new friends. At night more music poured out of the speakers and onto the stage with the all-star band The Stowaways, who performed the first of two sets. The Stowaways includes a who’s who of rock and metal royalty in their lineup such as David Ellefson of Megadeth, Marcos Curiel and Wuv Bernardo(P.O.D.); John Tempesta (The Cult, Motor Sister); Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Bumblefoot, Guns N’ Roses); Jonny Hetherington and Tavis Stanley (Art of Dying); Lukas Rossi, Josh Newell, and Miles McPherson (The Halo Method); Carly Smithson (We Are The Fallen); Dave Buckner (ex-Papa Roach); Oli Herbert (All That Remains); Joey Duenas (Anew Revolution, ex-Unloco); . They played songs like Temple of The Dog’s 90s classic ‘Hunger Strike’, Megadeath’s thrashterpiece ‘Peace Sells’, Metallica’s ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’, and tributes to the recently passed on Scott Weiland (STP’s ‘Vasoline’) and Lemmy (‘Ace of Spades’). Halestom and Nonpoint figured prominently on Day three as well.

The Stowaways at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana

The Stowaways at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana Photography


The Stowaways at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana

The Stowaways at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana Photography


The Stowaways at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana

The Stowaways at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana Photography


The Stowaways at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana

The Stowaways at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana Photography


The Stowaways at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana

The Stowaways at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana Photography

Day 4 was a full day at sea back to Miami which meant hijinks on the high seas the entire time. High winds canceled some of the outdoor activities, but the bands moved to the Sprinkler Lounge and the big theater too. In addition to FFDP playing an extra long set, Day 4 included Helmet, who was the band most talked about after the headliners by other bands on the cruise in terms of the “must see factor”. Up and comers like The Dead Deads and Red Storm Rising and another performance by the Stowaways. All in all ShipRocked #7 was and action packed, awesome time had by all. Once again special thanks to Rick Triana for RIPT Media Productions for throwing down behind the lens, and in front of it too; bringing Ghost Cult readers as close to the action as possible without being there. ShipRocked 2017 is already being booked, so we highly recommend this one-of- -kind, dream come true experience for music fans!





Nonpoint at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana

Nonpoint at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana Photography


Helmet at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana

Helmet at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana Photography


Red Sun Rising at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana

Red Sun Rising at ShipRocked, by Rick Triana Photography

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